Madrileña Red De Gas and PRYCONSA to Launch Green Hydrogen Project for 100 Homes in Madrid Spain

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Fuel Cells Works, Madrileña Red De Gas and PRYCONSA to Launch Green Hydrogen Project for 100 Homes in Madrid Spain

Madrileña Red de Gas and PRYCONSA are jointly committed to this pioneering project that will rely on renewable hydrogen to meet the energy needs of 100 homes in Valdemoro (Madrid).

Fuel Cells Works, Madrileña Red De Gas and PRYCONSA to Launch Green Hydrogen Project for 100 Homes in Madrid Spain

Both companies will work together on the construction and application of an infrastructure for the production and supply of renewable hydrogen with the aim of supplying 100 homes in Valdemoro, owned by the real estate company. For this, the necessary facilities will be developed for its perfect operation, as if it were natural gas. It should be noted that this alliance highlights the great potential of renewable hydrogen in the energy transition and the decarbonization of the economy.

A pioneering project in the transition to hydrogen

The strategic alliance between Madrileña Red de Gas and PRYCONSA presents a unique and innovative model in the market, integrating the services and efforts of the distributor and the real estate company to create a solution for the domestic use of hydrogen and commit to its green production to meet the needs household energy.

Through this collaboration, Madrileña Red de Gas and PRYCONSA reinforce their commitment to the environment and seek to demonstrate the viability and extend the use of renewable hydrogen, of which Spain has great production potential, being an energy capable of cleanly substituting to natural gas, and largely taking advantage of the capacity of the existing natural gas supply infrastructure in our cities. This makes the use of green hydrogen in electricity and heating for homes one of its most promising applications on the road to efficiency.

This agreement has been signed within a context in which Europe aspires to energy autonomy and focuses on the transformation towards a sustainable model, not only in the environmental field, but also in areas such as economic, labor or social, through initiatives such as the United Nations 2030 Agenda and the European Green Deal. Renewable hydrogen emerges as a great solution to these issues. In fact, the European Commission has just announced the creation of a “European Hydrogen Bank” in order to accelerate the development of this technology.

In the words of Marco Colomer, president and CEO of PRYCONSA, “being part of the first project in Spain for the use of renewable hydrogen as a source of energy in a housing development is part of the Sustainable Development Goals outlined by our company as part of our sustainability strategy. This innovative project reinforces our leadership in the construction and development of homes and adds value to our product, as well as reinforcing the relationship with Madrileña Red de Gas as a leading supplier and reference, and, above all, allows our customers to enjoy a new source of energy, the most innovative and sustainable today”.

“As the hydrogen economy continues to grow thanks to its potential to reduce energy dependence and polluting emissions, while driving economic growth by creating new jobs, we will see new public policies emerge and the regulation necessary to encourage innovation. , the transfer of knowledge and, ultimately, the development of more projects like this one that we have just launched with Pryconsa”, concludes Alejandro Lafarga, general manager of Madrileña Red de Gas.

Representatives of the two companies and Mariano González Sáez, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Agriculture of the Community of Madrid; and Fernando Arlandis, General Director of Decarbonization and Energy Transition.

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