Meijin Energy Signs $85 Million Agreement to Develop Hydrogen Project for Northern China

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Meijin Energy Hydrogen

Investment in the Meijin Hydrogen Automotive Industrial Park in Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City

Meijin Energy recently announced that on May 7, 2020, the company and Jiaxing Xiuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee signed the “Mejin Energy Hydrogen Vehicle The Industrial Park Cooperation Framework Agreement. 

The total investment of the first phase of the project is 600 million yuan, the land is about 62 acres, and the construction period is 24 months.

The agreement stipulates that the players are to invest and construct the Meijin Hydrogen Automotive Industrial Park in Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City.

According to industrial needs, the area of ​​the industrial park project originally planned in Jiaxing was adjusted from Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City to the port area where the Jiaxing Port District Development and Construction Management Committee is located.

Guangdong Guohong Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with hydrogen fuel cells as its core products and has obtained the IATF16949 automotive industry permit. Guohong Hydrogen’s product line covers fuel cell systems for heavy buses, trucks, buses and other vehicles, hydrogen fuel backup power systems, hydrogen fuel cell mobile power supply, fuel cell rail transit, and ships.

The hydrogen fuel cell system assembly project for vehicles plans to invest 460 million yuan, invest in the construction of a vehicle hydrogen fuel cell system assembly production line and ancillary supporting facilities, with a planned land area of ​​approximately 42 acres, and design an annual output of vehicle hydrogen fuel cell power system of 5000 units.

The total investment of research hydrogen energy technology research and development center is 60 million yuan, and it will combine with domestic and foreign excellent research institutes in the field of hydrogen energy and the top research team in the field of hydrogen energy to build a hydrogen energy technology research and development center. The R & D center mainly carries out research on hydrogen energy vehicle, low-cost and efficient hydrogen production technology, advanced hydrogen storage materials and technology, development of high specific power fuel cell stack and its components, high-power fuel cell module and its core Work on parts development, hydrogen energy standards and hydrogen energy testing.

The hydrogen energy display and sales center plans to invest 0.4 billion yuan, mainly to display various types of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the industrial park, hydrogen energy products in different application scenarios and the latest research and development results, as well as for company sales business negotiations.

The total investment of the supporting hydrogen refueling station project is RMB 40 million. On the basis of meeting safety standards and various approval conditions, hydrogen refueling stations are built to a high standard within the scope of the hydrogen power project to support production, system testing and demonstration in the plant.



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