Milani and Stargate Hydrogen Collaborate on System Integration for Hydrogen Production and Announce Their First Joint Project

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Milani and Stargate Hydrogen are pleased to announce a partnership on hydrogen production system integration and the first joint project in the field. Milani is on a mission to accelerate the transition to clean energy for their clients across Southern Europe, and their strategic decision to choose Stargate Hydrogen as their exclusive supplier of alkaline electrolyser stacks is a significant step toward achieving this goal.The two companies have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which sets a target to complete 50-100MW of joint projects in the period of 2023 to 2030. In addition, parties have commissioned work on the first joint project of 100kW in size.

Key Aspects of the Partnership:

Electrolyser Stack: Stargate Hydrogen will deliver a 100kW electrolyser stack to be used in the first demonstration installation by Milani.

Engineering Support: Stargate Hydrogen will provide invaluable engineering support during the system definition stage, ensuring the seamless integration of their electrolyser stacks into Milani’s hydrogen production systems. Milani provides its competencies in terms of system integration and certification process.

Commercial co-operation: Both parties are committed to promoting each other’s innovative solutions, enhancing their visibility and impact within the rapidly evolving hydrogen industry.

Scale-Up and Future Collaboration: The collaboration extends far beyond the initial demonstration project, with larger installations already in the pipeline. Stargate Hydrogen will continue to supply electrolyser stacks for additional electrolyser projects.

Commenting on the collaboration, Paola Quadri – Technology BU Manager from MILANI SPA, stated:

“We aspire to lead the way in hydrogen technology within Italy and extend our solutions to clients across Europe. With Stargate Hydrogen by our side, we envision a collaborative future and are resolute in our commitment to nurturing a robust and enduring partnership.”

Marko Virkebau from Stargate Hydrogen added:

“We are truly excited about this partnership and delighted to see the first project already going into production. It is part of our strategy to partner with capable system integrators in order to capture a larger share of the market with our innovative electrolyser stacks. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to fostering a strong and lasting partnership with Milani.”

Milani and Stargate Hydrogen share a commitment to innovation and sustainability, underpinned by a recognition of the dynamic nature of the hydrogen industry. This partnership is poised to drive positive change and accelerate the world’s transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

About Stargate Hydrogen Solutions OÜ

Stargate Hydrogen, a privately owned company, is developing turnkey solutions for green hydrogen deployment. The central innovation of the company is focused on the development of next-generation alkaline electrolysers that are free from precious metals.

About Milani SPA

MILANI is a European-leading engineering company specializing in the engineering, fabrication and installation of Skid mounted units for process industry and electrical plants.

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Marko Virkebau

Stargate Hydrogen Solutions OÜ

[email protected]

Paola Quadri

Milani SPA

[email protected]



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