Moon Says S. Korea Will Lead ‘Irreversible Trend’ of Hydrogen Energy Transition

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October 7, 2021 |

Fuel Cells Works, Moon Says S. Korea Will Lead 'Irreversible Trend' of Hydrogen Energy Transition

By Chang Dong-woo

SEOUL (Yonhap) — President Moon Jae-in said Thursday South Korea will become a global leader in transitioning from a fossil fuel-based economy to a hydrogen-based one, calling the clean energy push an “irreversible trend.’

At an event spotlighting the government’s hydrogen energy vision and policy, Moon said the transition toward a hydrogen-based economy from a carbon-based one was “an irreversible trend directly connected to national competitiveness.”

“We will muster up our national resources and capabilities to lead the transition toward a hydrogen economy,” Moon said at the event held in Incheon, west of Seoul, praising the clean energy source as central in an age in which low-carbon emissions are increasingly promoted.

South Korea is aggressively pushing toward an energy transition policy based on hydrogen, an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels, in line with the country’s goal to slowly phase out conventional resources and go carbon neutral by 2050.

President Moon Jae-in speaks at an event spotlighting the government's hydrogen energy vision and policy held in Incheon, 40 kilometers west of Seoul, on Oct. 7, 2021. (Yonhap)

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