Multi-Million Pound Supply Partnership Between Octopus Hydrogen And Luxfer Will Drive Forward UK’s Green Transport Ambitions

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Fuel Cells Works, Multi-Million Pound Supply Partnership Between Octopus Hydrogen And Luxfer Will Drive Forward UK’s Green Transport Ambitions

A multi-million pound partnership between Octopus Hydrogen and Luxfer Gas Cylinders is paving the way to make heavy goods transportation and the aviation industries cleaner and greener.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders – a leading manufacturer of high-pressure composite and aluminum cylinders worldwide – is joining forces with Octopus Hydrogen – a subsidiary of green energy tech pioneer Octopus Energy – in the specification and supply of bulk gas transport modules that will carry green hydrogen across the UK.

The 40ft long units designed by Luxfer, which are called Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGC), can transport 1.1 tonnes of hydrogen from the electrolyser plant to the point of use. They will be deployed from mid-2022 and will help address the infrastructure barrier that is impacting wide adoption of the technology.

William Rowe, CEO and Founder of Octopus Hydrogen, said: “Our focus is on delivering green hydrogen to the sectors which cannot be decarbonised by batteries alone, mainly aviation and heavy-duty road vehicles. We are building a network of decentralised green hydrogen production sites using electrolysis, co-located with renewable energy generation, with localised distribution.

“We are working with Luxfer Gas Cylinders to make green hydrogen for mobility a reality. Luxfer understands the challenges of safely transporting large amounts of hydrogen and is delivering a fantastic solution now and has a great future roadmap.”

Luxfer’s alternative fuel experts have a proven track record in developing and supplying bulk gas transport solutions across Europe, Asia Pacific and North America.

Mark Lawday, Global Sales Director from Luxfer added: “We manufacture over one million high performance, high pressure cylinders every year. In the alternative fuel sector, we have a team of designers and engineers who develop industry leading systems, integrating lightweight composite cylinders into fuel system modules for compressed natural gas and hydrogen applications ranging from buses, trucks, boats to bulk gas transport trailers.

“Bulk gas transport for hydrogen is an important piece of the jigsaw in enabling the hydrogen economy to be fully realised and reach net zero goals. It’s an exciting step forward, and we’re proud to be working alongside Octopus Hydrogen to drive forward innovation.”

Work to deliver the systems will be led from Luxfer’s UK manufacturing campus in Nottingham, which is home to an alternative fuel team that has designed bespoke hydrogen systems for world-first transport projects including double decker hydrogen buses, HGVs, and the UK’s first hydrogen train.

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