Multi-Talent for H2 Measurement With High Response Speed: T < 30 Ms – Sensors From Archigas Really Step on the Gas!

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Rüsselsheim am Main– From 0 to 100 in less than 30 milliseconds: Designers who are currently giving one hundred percent in the development or optimization of their systems for H2 production and use could reach their goal faster and more reliably with Archigas measurement technology for another reason. In addition to their already highly regarded properties for particularly precise and reliable hydrogen analysis, high resistance to moisture and compact dimensions, the innovative systems are also characterized by a remarkably high response speed! Hydrogen is detected in t < 30 ms and recorded qualitatively and quantitatively. Another feature that could catapult the sensor technology into pole position among solutions for H2 analysis. After all, the speed of measurement is also essential in the context of safety and process monitoring.Archigas Product

Need for speed: As hydrogen is known to be highly reactive, its detection should be carried out virtually in real time across the entire process chain of production, transportation, storage and use. Due to the small molecular size of H2, even the smallest leaks in tanks or pipes can cause partial and temporary gas vapors that are associated with a high risk of explosion – depending on the situation, people and technology may be at risk. In addition, particularly fast H2 measurement is not only highly relevant in the context of safety monitoring, but also in terms of process technology: Because if any impurities are detected quickly, potential economic damage can also be avoided or reduced. Particularly prompt detection of hydrogen in an industrial environment is therefore essential in several respects.

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Thanks to its unique design, the innovative sensor technology from Archigas consistently takes this into account: at less than 30 milliseconds, it has a particularly high response speed – as impressively demonstrated by tests in the laboratory and empirical values from the application. This is made possible by the specific orchestration of signal processing and the reaction of various elements of the sensor. Archigas has implemented the precise thermal conductivity measurement principle in a technically new way and intelligently combined it with MEMS semiconductor technology – in addition to the aforementioned response speed, the multi-talented sensor solution from Archigas is also characterized by outstanding precision and stability of hydrogen measurement, moisture resistance – also confirmed in the laboratory – and compact dimensions for easy implementation.

Based on its award-winning sensor technology, the company offers gas measuring devices in various designs, including for H2 generation through electrolysis, for incoming quality control and gas purity testing as well as for controlling and monitoring gas mixtures. The uncomplicated handling of the devices, which are designed according to individual requirements, makes it particularly easy to integrate the TCD OEM modules into customer systems.

You can also visit Archigas at the special presentation “Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE” at the Hannover Messe from April 22 to 26, 2024. If you want to be even faster, you can get more information by E-Mail-at [email protected], by phone at +49 (0)69 247 544 980 and at

Archigas is highly specialised in microsensor technology (MEMS) and gas analysis. Since its foundation in 2020, the company has developed sensor solutions, particularly in the fields of thermal conductivity, pressure measurement and flow measurement. Archigas’s stated aim is to offer customers cost-effective plug and play solutions that reliably fulfil highly complex analysis tasks. Since 2022 the company has also been funded by the state of Hesse as part of its LOEWE programme (‘State Offensive for the Development of Scientific and Economic Excellence’). This is to support work on the development of measuring devices suitable for the exploration of natural hydrogen and helium deposits. In 2023, Archigas achieved a podium place in the prestigious “Hessen Champions” award. Despite international bids from the USA and elsewhere, Archigas GmbH decided to establish its headquarters in the Rhein-Main region, in order to help bolster the state of Hesse, and therefore Germany as a whole, as a location for business.



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