myFC’s Newest Fuel Card is IEC Certified

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April 16, 2019 |

myfc configuration with iPhone 2

myFC’s newest fuel card, with a near-doubled capacity compared to the previous versions, is now IEC certified.

The IEC certification means that the fuel card is compatible and harmonized with applicable regulations within and outside the EU and can be shipped to the whole world. myFC announced the new fuel card in February 2019, and it is now formally IEC certified.

“Nearly doubling the energy in our fuel card twice was a chemical engineering breakthrough and fine proof that we are at the forefront of green, fossil-free fuel development. Now that the card has passed the IEC tests, we are getting ready for production and delivery,” says Michael Glantz, Chief Technology Officer for myFC.

myFC’s fuel card contains water, salts and reaction components, which together form the hydrogen gas which then charges the battery of the power bank JAQ Hybrid. The increased energy content of the new card means that end users can get considerably more talk time from their smartphone with a single card. The new fuel card is compatible with the JAQ Hybrids already available on the market.

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