Nanofilm Technologies Enters into JV with Temasek on Hydrogen Energy

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Fuel cells works, Nanofilm Technologies Enters into JV with Temasek on Hydrogen Energy

Temasek is forming a joint venture with Nanofilm Technologies International to spur innovation in the so-called “hydrogen economy,” which is increasingly being talked about as a greenhouse gas-free alternative to fossil fuels.

In this joint venture, Sydrogen Energy will rely on Nanofilm’s capabilities in applying advanced nano-coatings to important parts in fuel cell and electrolyser systems, which is set to gain a broader market as more focus is placed on sustainability.

Nanofilm coating extends the lifespan of components.

“The proposed partnership will feature heavily in our sustainability commitment, as we entrench our role as a critical supply chain player in the hydrogen economy, contribute to carbon neutrality and offer a sustainable energy source for the global economy,” says Nanofilm’s executive chairman Shi Xu.

“ESG is and will continue to be a key emphasis of Nanofilm’s solution offerings as we incorporate sustainability and societal impact as key considerations in our technology and applications. Our goal is to achieve betterment of our society at large through our technologies,” he adds.

Lee Liang Huang, Nanofilm’s CEO, explains that compared to conventional technologies, Nanofilm’s coating technologies and production processes are greener solutions and are executed in an environmentally sustainable manner.

“Our advanced materials optimise the world’s natural resources by replacing limited precious base materials, extending the useful life of materials and changing the characteristics of materials. Fuel cells and electrolysers are important technologies in developing the hydrogen economy, but they have been plagued by cost and durability issues.

“Leveraging on our coating capabilities in this new application, we believe that it will fast-track the commercialisation path of a wide range of fuel cell and electrolyser applications, with vast growth potential and cost reductions once scaled,” he adds.

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