NanoSUN Delivers UAV Refueller to Doosan

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fuelcellsworks, NanoSUN Delivers UAV Refueller to Doosan

The challenging times that we are all facing are not stopping the NanoSUN team. Undergoing final checks before delivery is NanoSUN’s latest hydrogen mobile refuelling station. This unit has been ordered by Korean based Doosan Mobility Innovations Inc.

The mobile refueller will be used to recharge the hydrogen gas cylinders fitted to Doosan’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) products.

UAVs are now finding commercial applications in a wide variety of industries from motion picture production through to overhead power line inspection. UAVs can deliver aircraft performance at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter or plane. A challenge is the limited energy storage capacity of Lithium Polymer batteries which has stunted UAV payload and flight duration. Hydrogen fuel cells are now available to address this challenge enabling operators to fly for longer and to fly further. A very important requirement as the industry moves toward Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight.

Hydrogen fuel cells present operators with a different challenge. How to refill the on-board hydrogen fuel cylinders with hydrogen to the correct pressure, typically around 300 bar (over 4,000 psi). The NanoSUN mobile refueller provides a simple, low cost and safe solution. Fast refuelling is offered, with typical cylinder refill times of less than 90 seconds.

NanoSUN’s innovative refuellers offers the lowest cost path for delivery of hydrogen to numerous applications. Our product range spans from the smallest mobile refuellers for UAVs through to our latest model, the Pioneer mobile Hydrogen Refuelling Station, which offers a similar solution for large heavy duty vehicle applications.

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