Netherlands: European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation Welcomes New Energy Coalition

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fuelcellsworks, Netherlands: European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation Welcomes New Energy Coalition

ERIG welcomes the New Energy Coalition as a new member. New Energy Coalition replaces KVGN as a country member of the Netherlands.

Drs. Ing. P.A.J.P. Cnubben, Team Manager Green Molecules, will represent New Energy Coalition in the ERIG Board of Directors. Patrick is focused on the development of projects in the field of (biogenic) energy carriers such as Green Gas, (Bio)LNG and Hydrogen. He is also involved in the HEAVENN project.

Dr. Julio Garcia, Research Coordinator, will join the ERIG Scientific Advisory Board. Julio is coordinating the HyDelta project at NEC. His skills include the topics Hydrogen& fuel cells, Electrolysis and PEM technologies.

”We are pleased to welcome New Energy Coalition as our new member. The Netherlands is an important partner at EU level in the field of gas and renewable energy. The cooperation with New Energy Coalition was already given due to the same interests. The inclusion in ERIC as an official member is a logical step to further deepen the cooperation.”

General Secretary of ERIG, Hans Rasmusson.

“New Energy Coalition joins ERIG to deepen the connection of the Netherlands with European energy research and industry and to further expand our network. With ERIG we aim to participate in EU projects together with other leading researchers and technical and scientific associations.”

Marieke Abbink-Pellenbarg, Director of New Energy Coalition.

About ERIG

The European Research Institute for Gas and Energy Innovation (ERIG) is a non-profit organisation which aims at strengthening the important role that gas plays as an energy source for the transition of the European energy system in synergy with intermittent renewable energy production. The members are national technical and scientific gas organizations and associations in Europe. They represent, in particular, the interests of the energy and gas sectors in Europe. Currently, ERIG consists of the following member associations:

  • Danish Gas Technology Centre (DGC)
  • German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW)
  • Austrian Association for Gas and Water (ÖVGW)
  • Swiss Gas and Water Association (SVGW) and Association of the Swiss Natural Gas Industry (VSG)
  • GASSCO (Norway)
  • Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SGOA)
  • New Energy Coalition

The network focuses particularly on promoting innovation and development. Through its members, ERIG is directly linked to research institutes, universities and industry in the respective countries. The broad research portfolio covers all aspects of the supply chain, from extraction to use of gas, and promotes European cooperation in energy research and development projects specifically in the area of sustainable gases and related innovative technologies. Moreover, ERIG will also support the strategic research agenda of the EU in the area of energy and gas. This includes initiating joint European research projects on the future role of gases in the energy system.

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