Netherlands: National Growth Fund is Reserving € 338 Million for Hydrogen

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An investment of 646 million euros and a reservation of 3.5 billion euros in ten projects should ensure more economic growth in the Netherlands.

The cabinet wants to put this money from the National Growth Fund into green hydrogen, innovative and future-proof education and the extension of the North-South line. In doing so, the cabinet is fully adopting the advice of the independent assessment advisory committee headed by Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Minister Van ‘t Wout (Economic Affairs and Climate) and Minister Hoekstra (Finance) have announced this.

Green capacity of the Dutch economy

The Green Power of the Dutch economy proposal invests in a green hydrogen ecosystem consisting of (i) small and large-scale demonstration projects, (ii) an R&D program and (iii) a human capital program.

The aim of the proposal is to accelerate the application of green hydrogen in chemistry, transport and heavy industry through innovation and cost reduction. In this way, the proposal can also make a valuable contribution to the transition to a CO2-neutral society.

The committee advises the cabinet to partially fund the program. The small-scale demonstration projects and the R&D and human capital program will receive a contribution. The total Growth Fund contribution amounts to a maximum of EUR 338 million. consisting of a conditional grant of 73 million euros and a reservation of 265 million euros.

The committee is enthusiastic about the earning potential of green hydrogen and the proposed approach.

The committee mainly sees economic opportunities in the R&D program in combination with the small-scale demonstration projects. In addition, the investment in human capital can prepare the Dutch working population for the hydrogen economy.


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