New Data Platform for the European Hydrogen Ramp-Up

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European Hydrogen Observatory Launches Platform to Monitor Hydrogen Progress in Europe

A novel online platform offers comprehensive insights into the evolution of hydrogen in the European Union, inclusive of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Great Britain. The platform presents a mosaic of data encompassing hydrogen production, trading, distribution, storage, national funding trajectories, and the economic footprint of specific projects. Users can glean a plethora of statistics, one of which highlights that the collective annual hydrogen production capacity across these nations is 11.3 million tons. Yet, a mere 0.25 percent is sourced from green hydrogen. In the realm of electrolysis capacity, Germany emerges as the frontrunner, housing nearly 50% of the 178 H2 refueling points.

This digital initiative, christened the European Hydrogen Observatory, is the brainchild of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership research alliance. They have joined forces with consultancy powerhouse Deloitte, which curates the platform’s rich content. Elina Brugman, Deloitte’s torchbearer for sustainability, elucidated that the primary objective is to amass contemporary data on the European hydrogen landscape and present it in an accessible format. This endeavour aspires to foster unparalleled transparency for all stakeholders, positioning itself as a crucial reservoir of knowledge for researchers, policy architects, and industries embedded in the H2 ecosystem.

Underpinning the significance of such a centralized data nexus, Rosalinde van der Vlies, representing the EU Commission’s research wing, stated that the surge in hydrogen ventures across the EU is meteoric. This fresh platform equips EU policymakers with invaluable market insights. Van der Vlies also unveiled the EU Commission’s plans to recalibrate the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan) in the impending autumn. This rejig anticipates hydrogen occupying a more pronounced role. She also hinted at the formation of a dedicated hydrogen working group within the Commission, though specifics remain under wraps for now.

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