New Forklift Hydrogen Station Built by Calvera Will Be Able to Refuel 120 Forklifts Every 24 Hours

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Fuel cells works, New Forklift Hydrogen Station Built by Calvera Will Be Able to Refuel 120 Forklifts Every 24 Hours

It is able of supplying 120 forklifts every 24 hours and its features make it ideal to adapt to current customer needs, as well as those that may arise from a foreseeable increase in demand in a sector that has already proved the profitability of this technology

The Calvera Industrial Group is currently manufacturing the hydrogen refueling station (HRS) for forklift with the highest supply capacity in the market, a project where the company is in charge of every stage of the process, from engineering to full development. The characteristics of this equipment make it suitable to adapt to both current customer needs and those that may arise from a predictable increase in demand due to its flexibility and its dispensing speed that can reach the supply of 120 forklifts every 24 hours.

The forklift industry has been one of the first sectors to demonstrate the viability and profitability of hydrogen and fuel cell technology for mobility, without grant support. Technologically, this type of vehicle has several advantages, such as the fact of a much higher productivity by eliminating the drawbacks when it comes to the change of conventional electric batteries -which are very heavy, the recharge time or the progressive performance loss that they show as they are running low on charge. On the contrary, hydrogen forklifts are refueled very quickly and offer maximum performance throughout the work shift.

Calvera, which had already manufactured small and medium-sized HRS focused on forklifts for the foreign market, demonstrates with this project that the company keeps on working at the forefront of innovation in the development of equipment that makes it possible to move towards a globalized consumption of hydrogen.

The Calvera Group is currently the only manufacturer of hydrogen refueling stations (HRS) in Spain and the main one in Southern Europe, a place that it has reached thanks to its high specialization in the design and manufacture of high-pressure hydrogen equipment, backed by more than 40 years of expertise.

The most recent achievement of the Zaragoza-based company represents a technological milestone in Spanish industry. It consists of the manufacture and deliver of the first hydrogen refueling station for cars at 700 bars in Spain (Madrid), which has also been internationally standarised by Calvera. This fact is one of the most complex steps of the project due to the applicable regulations and the enormous technical knowledge of hydrogen required.

About The Calvera Group

Founded in 1954, the Calvera Group is a benchmark industrial company as a designer and manufacturer of equipment for transport and storage of high-pressure gas, especially hydrogen and natural gas. As a result of its high expertise in different fields, the group offers three divisions:

  • Calvera Gas Technology: focused on natural gas and biogas.
  • Calvera Industrial Gases: solutions for all industrial, food and medicinal gases.
  • Calvera Hydrogen: development of equipment and facilities in the important use of hydrogen as an energy vector.

The CALVERA Group integrates all processes for the manufacture of transport and storage equipment of high-pressure compressed gas: engineering, design, calculation, complete manufacture and international certification. It offers the most efficient solutions with the maximum guarantee of quality and safety on the market implementing new technologies to its processes.

The company has two productive factories in Zaragoza and Épila and international presence all over Europe, as well as Israel, Arab Emirates, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Southeast Asia.

Source: Calvera

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