New Hydrogen Initiatives will Place Denmark in the Global Elite with Billion-Euro Investments

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The past few weeks have been packed with good news for the hydrogen value chain in Denmark. New initiatives worth billions of Euros in public and private investments have been presented. Both politically and commercially these new initiatives will change the face of the Danish energy system forever. Never before have such high ambitions been set for the Danish efforts in the green transition.

The Danish minister for climate, energy, and utility has presented a government proposal for the first part of a comprehensive climate plan of action that includes a 1,1 billion Euro investment in large-scale hydrogen production. Included in the proposal are a massive expansion of renewable energy production and two energy islands. The hydrogen production is to utilize green wind power and prevent curtailment in situations where the production increases the demand in the electricity grid. The hydrogen will be used in e.g. the transport sector or refined into other high-value products such as methanol, ammonia, and electrofuels.

In addition to the political dedication to hydrogen as an imperative part of the Danish climate efforts, the commercial side has also stepped up their ambitions. This week a new consortium of some of the largest Danish companies was presented. Consisting of Orsted, Maersk, SAS, DFDS, and DSV Panalpina the consortium plans to build what could possibly be the world’s largest hydrogen plant. The plant will be built in three phases, with a hydrogen production capacity in phase one of 10 MW, and by phase three the production could be scaled up to 1,3GW and produce sustainable fuels for shipping, aviation, and heavy-duty transport.

In a comment CEO of Hydrogen Denmark, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, stresses the importance of these initiatives:

“There is no doubt that these newly announced initiatives are incredibly ambitious, but they are also entirely necessary in regards to reaching the Danish climate goals and succeeding with the green transition of the energy system. The importance of the political choice to prioritize hydrogen cannot be underestimated. Neither can the significance of the new consortium’s plans of building hydrogen production in an industrial scale, the size of which has not been seen yet. This is exactly what hydrogen needs: political and commercial dedication – and a strong signal to new businesses and the existing hydrogen value chain that this is the way forward. Not only will a stronger implementation of hydrogen help fulfill the climate ambitions it will also secure the Danish position as a global frontrunner ensuring jobs, export, and sustainable economic growth.”

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