New Orleans Wins $50 Million Federal Grant for ‘green Hydrogen’ Initiative

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Fuel Cells Works, New Orleans Wins $50 Million Federal Grant for ‘green Hydrogen’ Initiative

The Biden administration is awarding a $50 million grant to a New Orleans-led initiative to turn south Louisiana into a hub of “green hydrogen” activity.

H2theFuture, a project spearheaded by Greater New Orleans Development Foundation, won the money for its efforts to transition the state’s economy away from hydrogen produced by fossil fuels toward “green hydrogen,” a cleaner form of hydrogen created using renewable energy.

Hydrogen is commonly used for petroleum refining and fertilizer production, though markets are emerging for its use as a fuel. When burned in a fuel cell, hydrogen produces clean electricity with only water and heat as byproducts.

The funds are part of the $1 billion Build Back Better Regional Challenge, a competition led by the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration intended to drive regional and inclusive economic growth. It seeks to bring in historically Black colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, and minority serving institutions to spur research for each winning project.

H2theFuture is one of 21 winners of grant awards ranging from $25 million to $65 million. There were 529 initial applications for the grants.


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