New Report: Hydrogen and Power-to-X can Give Denmark a New Growth and Export Adventure

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Denmark’s next green business and export adventure lies in hydrogen and PtX. In a new report, the Hydrogen Industry presents concrete recommendations for the implementation of a Danish hydrogen and PtX strategy.

New report shows that Denmark can create over 50,000 jobs and an energy export of up to DKK 84 billion annually if the focus is on the development of hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) in Denmark. The export of hydrogen will thus be able to exceed the value of oil and gas from the North Sea, even when revenues peaked in 2006.

DK H2 strategy 2020The report, prepared by the Hydrogen industry, indicates that Denmark has great potential in converting energy from special offshore wind to both hydrogen and liquid fuels and that the European market for hydrogen technologies is expected to be between DKK 1,350 and 3,525 billion in 2050. Denmark has the opportunity to gain a large share of that market, but it requires that public investment in hydrogen and PtX increase sharply in the coming years. The hydrogen industry therefore proposes that at least DKK 5 billion be invested from the “Next Generation EU” funds that Denmark receives for a targeted effort for hydrogen and PtX in Denmark.

With the publication of the new report “VE 2.0”, it gives the Hydrogen industry its say on what the announced new Danish hydrogen and PtX strategy should contain. Partly so that the Danish climate efforts can succeed, and so that Denmark can utilize far more of its considerable wind potential, but also for the sake of the Danish business community, employment and growth. Denmark has strong positions within e.g. wind, and the report points out, among other things, that together with the Danish hydrogen industry, they can be used to create completely new growth markets.

For hydrogen and PtX are on the agenda like never before. Both in Europe and globally. This means new export markets that we in Denmark have every opportunity to be able to occupy, but it requires a dedicated and holistic political strategy – and “VE 2.0” contributes with concrete recommendations for investments, framework conditions and political initiatives that can strengthen the Danish climate efforts. in the field.

The director of the hydrogen industry, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, says in a comment:  “We can see that many of our European neighbors are far ahead with strategy and investments in the hydrogen area. Therefore, it is urgent to implement a hydrogen and PtX strategy that embraces the entire value chain. Therefore, I am also pleased that we, as the main organization for the hydrogen and PtX industry in Denmark, can now present a comprehensive strategy that includes everything from the production of hydrogen and methanol, to national and international infrastructure, green transport, the crucial framework conditions and not least the enormous opportunities that the new hydrogen and PtX markets present for Danish jobs, exports and sustainable growth. ”

And although the development of hydrogen and PtX is going fast in the world, Tejs Laustsen Jensen is optimistic about the Danish opportunities in the field:

“Hydrogen and PtX is an area in rapid development. Everywhere in the world, billions are invested in the production of, and infrastructure for, green hydrogen. But even though several countries are far ahead in terms of political priorities and dedicated strategies, we have some fantastic positions of strength that give Denmark a special position in the green area. This is not least about our strong competencies in the production of renewable energy, but it is also about the already established hydrogen and PtX value chain in Denmark. Danish hydrogen and PtX solutions are already exported globally, and this is the chain we must strengthen and extend. If we do that, we can boost the green transition, our export opportunities and create over 50,000 new jobs ”.

According to Tejs Laustsen Jensen, the green restart of the Danish and European economies can be the starting point that seriously cements hydrogen and PtX’s role both in the green transition and in the economy of the future:

“It is crucial that we use this situation to make the necessary decisions that can form the basis for future growth. More specifically, we propose in the strategy that from a political point of view, at least five billion kroner be set aside from the so-called “recovery funds” for large-scale hydrogen and PtX in Denmark. It will bring us to a relative level with the other European investments, and it will be able to give both the market and the Danish hydrogen and PtX industry the boost that is imperative if we are to secure a continued position as a green leading nation ”.

You can find the report “VE 2.0” here:  VE 2.0 – Hydrogen and PtX strategy

For questions or comments, contact director, Tejs Laustsen Jensen, tel .: (+45) 26 23 94 43 or [email protected]


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