NewHydrogen Supports California’s Focus on Green Hydrogen

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Fuel Cells Works, NewHydrogen Supports California’s Focus on Green Hydrogen

SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — NewHydrogen, Inc. (OTC:NEWH), a developer of breakthrough green hydrogen technologies, today expressed support for California SB 1075, which provides significant support for green hydrogen as a unique climate solution that can help the state meet its climate, clean energy, and clean air goals while preserving well-paid jobs.

As noted in the bill, hydrogen can significantly reduce emissions in several difficult-to-decarbonize sectors, including transportation, thermal power plants, agriculture, mining, shipping, aviation, and production of cement and steel. These industries are especially harmful to communities living near ports and freeways due to exposure to diesel pollution, which can lead to premature death, hospitalizations, and emergency room visits for those with chronic heart and lung disease. Hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks have zero harmful tailpipe emissions, their only tailpipe emission being water.

SB 1075 supports the development of green hydrogen in California in several ways.

  • First, it creates a state Clean Hydrogen Hub account to support a state bid for a federal Hydrogen Hub grant, and establishes state goals for the Hub.
  • Second, it directs CARB to develop a roadmap on how to accelerate the production and use of hydrogen, particularly green hydrogen.
  • Third, it directs CARB, in conjunction with the CEC and CPUC, to integrate green hydrogen into state climate planning and provide recommendations to the Legislature on definitions for various clean hydrogen production pathways – and the appropriate end uses for that hydrogen.
  • And lastly, it directs the CEC to clearly detail how natural gas power plants can be repowered using hydrogen generated from renewable resources.

“Our team is very excited to be part of this effort to establish hydrogen as a key source of energy. Clearly, not all types of hydrogen are compatible with the goals of conserving natural resources and developing alternate sources of power while reducing pollution and harm to the environment. Only green hydrogen, which is produced with electricity from renewable sources, meets these goals,” said Spencer Hall, COO of NewHydrogen.

NewHydrogen previously announced encouraging progress on its ongoing sponsored research at UCLA to lower the cost of green hydrogen by eliminating or drastically reducing the use of precious metals in electrolyzers.

About NewHydrogen, Inc.

NewHydrogen is developing a breakthrough green hydrogen generator that uses renewable energy to produce low-cost green hydrogen. Hydrogen is the cleanest and most abundant fuel in the universe. It produces zero-emission and only produces water vapor when used. Unfortunately, hydrogen does not exist in its pure form on Earth so it must be extracted from a source that contains hydrogen. For centuries, scientists have known how to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a simple and elegant device called an electrolyzer. Unfortunately, an electrolyzer – the primary component of a hydrogen generator – is still very expensive. NewHydrogen is developing breakthrough technologies to enable the next generation of low cost electrolyzers. Our initial focus is on replacing and reducing expensive rare earth materials, to help usher in the green hydrogen economy that Goldman Sachs estimated to have a future market value of $12 trillion.

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