Newly Formed H2X Australia and Elvin Group to Develop Green Hydrogen Stations

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H2X Elvin Group Hydrogen Stations

In its recent announcement Hydrogen vehicle developer, H2X press released that plans that it would produce a range of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in Australia.

Part of that announcement featured the company Elvin Group Renewables who today announced that the company will manufacture clean, green hydrogen electrolyzers for the Australian market. Local series production of the electrolyzers could facilitate the widespread supply of hydrogen at existing service stations to power fuel-cell vehicles.

The Chairman of H2X is Samuel Blackadder. He is also Managing Director of Elvin Group Renewables, he believes the expertise around the table at H2X will re-invigorate the Australian vehicle manufacturing sector.

“Elvin Group already has a leading position as one of Australia’s most advanced and environmentally progressive concrete production companies in the world. Our footprint into renewable energy generation from investment advanced technologies around Concrete, and in our substantial solar energy operations is boosted by the opportunity to have an Australian vehicle company with the same drive to create a better future,” Mr. Blackadder said.

“Elvin Group has a diverse range of targets from creating the world’s first emissions-free concrete distribution and setting business to launching our own Australian made electrolyzer which will make cost-effective hydrogen later in the year. With H2X we are able to cooperate on the production of this revolutionary product and also work on a number of hydrogen and clean energy powered applications for our Concrete activities creating a world benchmark in an industry that is often considered one of the world’s greatest opportunities for emissions reduction”.

This is an exciting development, especially as these electrolyzers are being manufactured in Australia, providing jobs and opportunity in our economy,” said Brendan Norman, CEO of H2X.

“We are very pleased to be involved in this project and additional usage of our capacities is an important backbone for H2X’s growth and stability.”

An interesting connection is that Elvin has also partnered with US electrolyzer manufacturer GinerELX that it says will supply the large electrolyzers, interesting in that Plug Power announced recently that it had acquired GinerELX.

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