Nexonstar and Everise Construction Signs MOU to Promote Green Hydrogen System Cooperation in Middle East

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Fuel Cells Works, Nexonstar And Everise Construction Signs MOU To Promote Green Hydrogen System Cooperation In Middle East

Nexonstar (South Korea) and Everise Construction (Abu Dhabi – UAE ) have signed a cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly promote the green hydrogen production and application systems in the Middle East region.

Green hydrogen is a next-generation energy source that has attracted much attention in various countries and regions to achieve carbon neutrality, South Korea is one of main and high technology countries to research and develop the technology of green hydrogen production and application systems.

Nexonstar’s water electrolysis green hydrogen production system is one of the world’s most efficient green hydrogen production system, and based on its technology, Everise will provide the services to build Green Hydrogen production plant, on site type Green Hydrogen refueling station and Self-cycling energy Hydrogen Power system in the Middle East.

Everise hopes that companies and people interested to attend in the new green hydrogen energy business, will cooperate with Everise and participate in the promotion of its excellent technologies and products in the Middle East, to provide excellent and eco-environment friendly solutions for the region’s carbon neutrality goals.

– Nexonstar Green Hydrogen Power System is 100 per cent renewable energy sources with the advantages of high efficiency/eco-friendly and zero carbon dioxide system.

– It is suitable for urban areas due to its compact size & design and low risk operation condition. Best space efficiency with about 0.2~0.5 / 1kW, it can be installed outdoors, underground and rooftop, Flexible range of power generation capacity.

– Fuel cells can generate electricity 24/7, 365 days a year without shutting down. Suitable for an emergency power supply, uninterruptible power supply, auxiliary power supply and off-grid power supply due to its system’s stability and reliability. Hydrogen fuel cells have a wide operating condition compared to renewable energy which have limited operating conditions like solar and wind power system.

– Hydrogen Fuel cell is distributed power generation, on-site generation (OSG) so it is possible to use electric power without the loss of transmission. Its also flexible for expansion of capacity with simple modification. Low noise system since there is no moving parts.

Green Hydrogen Power Economic Benefits:

Economical operating rate: Solar and wind power generation could be fluctuated depending on the environmental condition. Unlike the above, hydrogen fuel cells can be installed without restriction if fuel supply is available which can be fixed line or portable. Moreover, the stability and reliability of hydrogen power plants is 90 per cent which is similar to that of nuclear power plants.

Easy to install (Space efficiency ):Hydrogen power generator is flexible for its installation due to its compact size and safe design (low pressure and temperature). It is also beneficial for completion period which is much shorter than the existing fossil fuels plant. The space requirement is much smaller and lesser utility systems are required.

Simultaneous production of electricity: Even if a new type of power plant or conventional is required starting from minimum two hours to maximum one day, Hydrogen power generator starts in 20 minutes. Due to its durable design, no major maintenance is required for 10 years therefore there is no risk of shut down.


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