Next Hydrogen Corporation Appoints New CEO

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Next Hydrogen Corporation, manufacturer of advanced hydrogen electrolysers, is pleased to announce the appointment of Walter Q. Howard as CEO and Board Member.

Walter brings extensive experience in operations, business development, finance, and M&A in the utility industry. He has held CEO, EVP and SVP positions with innovators in related syngas, wind energy, and cogeneration firms including Westinghouse Plasma Corp (TSX: “NRG”), Zegen, Noble Environmental Power (developer/owner of 484 wind turbines), General Electric Capital, and US Generating, as well as water industry experience.

Walter’s career spans more than 35 years of successfully executed technology development and implementation, project development, execution and project finance.  His projects have won multiple industry awards.  He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from Cornell University and a MBA from Harvard University.  Matthew Fairlie continues to be an integral member of the team, and member of the Board.

About Next Hydrogen Corporation

Next Hydrogen water electrolysers let you generate more clean hydrogen, faster, than traditional electrolysers – and at a significantly reduced cost.

Sound like a bold claim? It is. And here’s how we do it: with the first significant advance in alkaline electrolyser cell design in decades. Our new and innovative cell module lets you exploit low-cost sources of energy, including renewables, while capturing the entire output range, even when it’s intermittent. And we created an “overdrive” mode that lets you double capacity within a short timeframe, using considerably smaller or fewer units than you would with a traditional solution. Plus, our electrolysers are compact and portable, with a small footprint. Which means you don’t have to invest in a build out.

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