Nilsson Energy Awarded Best Gas / Hydrogen Brand in Global competition!

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“As a David compared to a Goliath in this industry, this company is making amazing strides in its technology, branding, and communications. I like how this company has really been able to get publicity and be recognized in the industry.”

“Nilsson Energy with RE 8760 brand offers a unique business model with altogether different positioning through technological advantage that is hard to penetrate. Leveraging Hydrogen and Energy Storage for perennial renewable energy put them in a different league altogether.”

Two quotes from Members of the panel of judges that awarded Nilsson Energy “The Worlds Best Gas/ Hydrogen Brand” at the annual Charge Energy Branding Conference. #Charge2020

About Nilsson Energy

“Mr Hydrogen”made passion into business.

Being a pioneer is all about sticking your neck out, taking calculated risks and acting accordingly. Making the impossible possible.

Hans-Olof Nilsson, the founding father of Nilsson Energy, is a true pioneer with a proven track record. With a passion for providing the market with plug and play, tailor-made renewable energy solutions Mr. Nilsson founded the company together with Martina Wettin and Pontus Lundgen to be a one-stop shop and provider of complete commercial off-grid energy solutions. Storing renewable energy until it is needed.

It all started with Mr. Nilsson investing in a +500 m2 state of the art off-grid family home. Soon to be a highly sought after demo site hosting to date more than 6500 visiting individuals. The house fully functional since 2015 is powered by the sun and lacks no comfort. Solar energy is stored in batteries and hydrogen gas securing long-term storage. By using fuel-cell technology to convert hydrogen gas to electricity and heat, the household is completely self-sufficient also when sunshine is scarce.

With the introduction of Nilsson Energy the pioneering passion has developed into supplying commercial customers with renewable energy solutions for all the 8760 hours that make out a year. Hence the name of the product range Renewable Energy 8760 or RE8760 for short.

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