North West Hydrogen Alliance Welcomes Five New Members as the Region Prepares for ‘Superplace’ Status

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Fuel cells works, North West Hydrogen Alliance Welcomes Five New Members as the Region Prepares for ‘Superplace’ Status

The North West Hydrogen Alliance continues to go from strength to strength with the addition of five new members this month. The new members – AMCS, BakerRisk, Northern Valve Fitting Co Ltd (NVFCL), Rinnai UK and United Living Infrastructure Services – add their weight to the North West’s call to be named a ‘SuperPlace’, a component of the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan.

These will be locations where hydrogen production will be combined with Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS) in the next few years.

The five new members of the NWHA are:

  • AMCS – an independent online process analyser specialist that offers a comprehensive range of exclusive state-of-the-art analyser systems, including the world’s only laser based online Hydrogen Analyser which is already being used for carbon capture.
  • BakerRisk – a leader in process safety, defining the engineering systems required for safe production, transport and delivery of hydrogen fuel.
  • NVFCL – the sole UK distributors for the full range of FITOK products. FITOK design and manufacture a full range of products with instrumentation and gas control systems for hydrogen, and other industries.
  • Rinnai UK – the world’s leading manufacturer of continuous flow hot water systems which is currently working on hydrogen-related standards for appliances.
  • United Living Infrastructure Services – an engineering and services partner helping to develop a hydrogen-based economy in the North West.

Professor Joe Howe, Chair of the NWHA said:

I’m very pleased to welcome five new members to the Alliance. Their specialist contributions make the Alliance an even stronger voice in calling for the region to be named a SuperPlace, and demonstrates the wide range of expertise we have here in the North West.

The importance of hydrogen was recognised in the Prime Minister’s Ten Point Plan and the recent Energy White Paper and as the eyes of the world are upon us in the run up to hosting COP26, it’s even more vital that we develop hydrogen technology. In the North West we’re primed and ready to deliver the UK’s first hydrogen economy and make a real contribution to the nation’s Net Zero targets.”

Cameron Stathers, Area Sales Manager at AMCS, said:

AMCS works closely with many companies in the hydrogen space in the North West, and being a member of the NWHA cements these working relationships. We are proud to be part of the energy transition, moving from the traditional energy supply chain to this new generation of energy production.”

Roger Stokes, Principal Engineer at BakerRisk, said:

BakerRisk is committed to supporting the safe transition from sole reliance on fossil fuels to a mix of energy that will enable the UK, and the world, to reach Net Zero carbon goals.  Like the NWHA, we believe that hydrogen is going to be an essential part of this energy mix.

The NWHA is committed to bringing together stakeholders to increase public awareness of hydrogen and promote the North West to support the build out of hydrogen infrastructure. We believe that the addition of our decades of R&D and testing on flammable and explosion characteristics of hydrogen will strengthen the NWHA’s ability to educate people on hydrogen safety, with the ultimate goal of easing adoption of the technology.”

Patrick Drury, Director at NVFCL, said:

With industry having to work in a more demanding environment, everyone has to be more cost-conscious while taking advantage of the latest technological advancements. The NWHA is a strong voice in hydrogen within the North West and is supporting companies that want to be part of this new economy. We are looking forward to being active members of the Alliance.”

Chris Gogan, Associate Director of Rinnai, said:

The Rinnai corporation is at the forefront of combustion technologies that utilise gaseous fuels for the conversion to heat. The North West of England is extremely well placed to produce, store and distribute hydrogen and we are, therefore, pleased to support the North West Hydrogen Alliance and access the incredible level of knowledge and skill that exists within it. We look forward to working with the team and networking with other members.”

Benn Cottrell, Managing Director, United Living Infrastructure Services, said:

We are very pleased to have joined the North West Hydrogen Alliance.

With its long industrial heritage, the North West is well positioned to play an important role in the development and implementation of the UK’s hydrogen strategy. We are looking forward to using our expertise to support the development of hydrogen, to drive a low carbon economy and support a green recovery. This will help to facilitate the shift to Net Zero construction and help deliver the UK’s clean growth strategy as the blueprint for our low carbon future.”

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