NREL Study Shows that Hydrogen is Cost Competitive

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Hydrogen energy systems are no longer a technology of the future, says a recent paper published in Joule. The NREL authors behind the study revealed that costs to implement a hydrogen-based system can be cost-competitive with gasoline in the U.S. and could be driven lower if more dynamic tariffs are used.

The authors studied more than 7,000 industrial and commercial U.S. retail electric utility rates. By dynamically simulating electrolyzer operations under the different rate structures, the authors found that electrolysis units can already provide cost-competitive fuel in 20 states operating under 81 retail electricity rates.

This research demonstrates a lower cost to implement hydrogen-based systems than what previous studies have reported.

As a flexible energy carrier, hydrogen could help accommodate high shares of wind and solar energy, and integrate disparate energy sectors such as electricity and transportation.

Learn more about hydrogen energy research at NREL.

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