Oman Signs MoU With Eden GeoPower to Explore Hydrogen

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Oman’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals (MEM) has signed two memoranda of understanding with two companies – one from the US and the other from Oman – to assess the potential of geologic hydrogen exploration in the Sultanate.

The MoUs inked with American ‘Eden Geopower’ and the Omani Earth Sciences Consultancy Center represent a substantial stride in bolstering cooperation in this field.

These agreements have been meticulously designed to foster scientific dialogues, conduct in-depth preliminary studies, and pinpoint suitable locations for experimental research.

MEM Undersecretary Mohsen Hamad Al Hadrami underscored the strategic importance of geologic hydrogen within Oman’s comprehensive energy transition plan.

He expressed his enthusiasm for the expanding hydrogen sector, recognizing its significance not only from an economic standpoint but also for its potential contributions to environmental sustainability.

Hydrogen is poised to play an instrumental role in bolstering global energy security. Consequently, robust research and exploration in this sector are of paramount importance to attain the most favorable outcomes.

Moreover, Al Hadrami stressed the vital role of international collaboration and coordination with experts and partners in advancing the scientific and technical dimensions of geologic hydrogen.

These partnerships also serve as magnets for attracting investments, which are indispensable for unlocking the full potential of this clean energy source.

Oman’s aim is crystal clear: to establish itself as a leading and trusted player on the global stage in the domain of geologic hydrogen, added Hadrami.

He further elaborated that this workshop and the research agreements in the field of geologic hydrogen with the US have the potential to bolster economic opportunities and strategic partnerships related to geologic hydrogen, exploring its utility as a clean natural resource through further research and exploration.

The MoUs were signed on the sidelines of a workshop on the untapped potential of geologic hydrogen held by MEM and its American counterpart.

The workshop discussed various methods to stimulate the production of geological hydrogen and ongoing research related to this emerging field.

During the workshop, the Ministry of Energy and Minerals announced the acceptance of research and experimental proposals in the realm of geological hydrogen exploration within the Sultanate of Oman, welcoming submissions from interested parties.

Participants also acknowledged the significance of the positive measures undertaken by the Sultanate to promote environmental sustainability in a broader context, with a particular emphasis on advancing the renewable energy sector and clean hydrogen initiatives.

Oman has embraced ambitious plans to become one of the world’s leading producers of clean hydrogen.

Substantial steps have already been taken in this direction, including the issuance of Royal Decree No. 10/2023 in February. This decree allocates land for the development of renewable energy and clean hydrogen projects.

In collaboration with the Department of Energy, private sector entities, and research institutions, the US is actively exploring the potential associated with Geologic Hydrogen production.

The US Department of Energy has recently announced that it has allocated funding for $20 million to support research and experimentation in the exploration and production of geologic hydrogen.

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