Omega Seiki Mobility Introduces Revolutionary Hydrogen-Powered Three-Wheeler, Rage+ h2x, at Hyvolution Paris

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Omega Seiki Mobility (OSM) has marked its entry into the hydrogen-powered vehicle market with the unveiling of its innovative three-wheeler, the Rage+ H2x, during the Hyvolution Paris event. This launch signifies a significant leap towards integrating sustainable energy solutions in the automotive sector, particularly in the small commercial vehicle category.

Collaborating with a French partner, OSM’s initiative is set to catalyze the transition towards greener transportation technologies in India and beyond.

Rage+ H2x: A Fusion of Innovation and Sustainability

The Rage+ H2x stands out not merely as a mode of transportation but as an emblem of advanced engineering and commitment to environmental sustainability. Designed to redefine the paradigms of the transportation industry, the Rage+ H2x integrates state-of-the-art hydrogen fuel cell technology, promising a cleaner alternative to conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

Economic Viability of Hydrogen Technology in India

With the production cost of green hydrogen estimated between ₹240-280 ($2.90-$3.38) per kg, it currently surpasses the costs associated with grey and blue hydrogen. However, the introduction of a subsidy ranging from ₹40-50 ($0.48-$0.60) per kg could potentially bridge this gap, rendering green hydrogen more competitive. Leveraging carbon credits offers another avenue to equalize the costs of green hydrogen with those of its grey counterpart.

OSM’s Funding Ambitions

In light of this groundbreaking launch, Uday Narang, the Founder of OSM, disclosed the company’s ambition to attract an investment of USD 25 million from American and European investors. This strategic financial bolstering aims to expand OSM’s presence globally, aligning with India’s 2030 environmental goals of reducing emissions by 45%.

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