Oncore Energy Unveils Hydrogen Generator Line

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FARGO, N.D– BWR Innovations, a prominent provider of innovative energy storage solutions, marked a milestone with the launch of Oncore Energy’s hydrogen generator line. The inaugural Partner Summit, held yesterday, showcased the introduction of four cutting-edge product lines, which featured live demos and an exclusive behind the scenes look at the technology behind them. The highlight of the event was the hydrogen microgrid system, an advanced solution that integrates world-class products and technologies into an enhanced microgrid. Partners from the United States and England gathered to explore emerging market trends for hydrogen-generated power and the promising potential of hydrogen fuel cells as an alternative energy source for residential and commercial use nationwide.

Joel Jorgenson, CEO of BWR Innovations and Oncore Energy, emphasized the growing concerns regarding conventional power grids’ reliability and sustainability. He stated, “The challenges faced by conventional power grids, which are based on a “macro” model, have resulted in regional supply issues and escalating costs with reduced reliability, necessitating an innovative approach. Our patented technology empowers users to seamlessly switch between grid power, renewable sources and hydrogen fuel cells to power their homes and businesses.”

Oncore Energy’s concerted efforts in collaboration with international suppliers have resulted in the development of North America’s first hydrogen fuel cell microgrid. Taking advantage of expanding federal and state tax benefits, hydrogen fuel cells offer a cost-effective and efficient means of supplying power to residential communities and fulfilling critical electricity needs for organizations. Oncore Energy’s patented telemetry technology automatically selects the most cost-effective energy option for homes and businesses, providing localized or portable power alternatives and reducing reliance on fossil fuel generators to mitigate carbon footprint impacts.

Committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions, Oncore Energy envisions its hydrogen generation products as a catalyst for accelerating the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

About BWR Innovation

BWR Innovations, LLC is a Fargo, North Dakota-based private company with a team of seasoned, accomplished professionals that is creating innovative temperature monitoring, telemetry and hydrogen fuel-cell-based products. Their products include the Insite™ IoT product line of wireless temperature monitoring products and the Sol Source fuel cell energy systems.

About Oncore Energy

Oncore Energy, LLC, a BWR Innovations company based in Fargo, North Dakota, leads as the premier provider of hydrogen fuel cell energy in North America. Their products include the first U.S. hydrogen fuel cell microgrid able to provide homes, businesses and government facilities with sustainable energy solutions.

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