OneH2 Constructs Dedicated Hydrogen Fuel Production Hub

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One H2 Hydrogen Production Facility in NC

LONGVIEW, N.C.— In what is believed to be a first for the US East Coast, North Carolina based OneH2 today completed construction of the first stage of a fully dedicated hydrogen fuel plant designed to provide deliveries of ready to use bulk hydrogen gas to the industrial truck and heavy vehicle markets.

Primarily servicing today’s hydrogen powered forklift fleets, the stage one project based in Longview, NC, will provide zero emission fuel to about 1,000 industrial trucks throughout the Carolinas, Tennessee and Georgia. OneH2 expects that with completion of stages two and three, the facility will also service the burgeoning hydrogen powered semi-tractor market, particularly for trucks conducting linehaul runs between Charlotte, Atlanta and Nashville.  Fully complete, OneH2’s investment in the Longview hub will approach $16M in hydrogen production capital.

OneH2’s business is based on a fuel production hub and spoke model where central ‘production hubs’ produce low cost ready to use hydrogen fuel which is then transported by trailer to refueling locations at industrial centers such as factories, port precincts and warehouses.   Regional distributors, such as OneH2 Southeast, play a direct role in fuel marketing and distribution.

President & CEO Paul Dawson says he has no doubt that hydrogen fuel is the future of zero emission renewable energy in the heavy truck market, and in time makes sense for larger passenger vehicles and SUV’s. “It has the refuel-and-go convenience of gasoline or diesel with the efficiency and environmental benefits of an electric vehicle. With line of sight on price parity with conventional motor fuel, we believe that it won’t be long before the heavy truck market tips in favor of hydrogen.”


OneH2, Inc., headquartered in Longview, North Carolina, is a privately held, vertically integrated hydrogen fuel company.  OneH2 is emerging as a leader in providing scalable hydrogen fuel systems coupled with cost effective delivered hydrogen fuel for use in industrial vehicle and truck markets.  For more information about OneH2, Inc. visit the Company’s website at


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