PACECO-Mitsui Near Zero Emissions (NZE) TRANSTAINER: Hydrogen Fuel Cell Version Coming

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The Near Zero Emissions Transtainer is an updated version of the PACECO-Mitsui well-established hybrid Transtainer, featuring a power module combination of larger capacity lithium-ion batteries directly providing power to operate the crane and  a small engine primarily used to recharge the batteries.

The major improvement from the hybrid Transtainer is the redesign of the electrical system and integration software to minimize power loss and thus create the ability to run the crane with a small diesel engine.  The smaller engine has these benefits to port and terminal end users:

  • Fuel reduction of approximately 70% compared to a conventional RTG
  • Reduction of CO2, NOx, and PM particulates
  • Lower maintenance costs due to the smaller engine size
  • Ready for an easy upgrade to a zero emission crane by replacing the small diesel genset with a fuel cell power module, once hydrogen infrastructure can support

Considering the lifetime of an RTG is 15-20 years, the NZE Transtainer can meet terminal needs today and in the future as a zero emission (ZE) crane with a upgrade to a zero emission power source.  This source can be electric, although this solution reduces yard flexibility and increases civil works investment.  We believe the best solution is a hydrogen fuel cell power source to maintain a flexible yard operation and designed the crane for a fuel cell upgrade without modification of other drive systems or mechanical parts.

Zero emission technologies such as hydrogen fuel cell power modules are advancing. The PACECO Group is aggressively proceeding with ZE solutions, and currently developing a hydrogen fuel cell power module for ZE Transtainers. This will easily enable the Conversion of NZE Transtainer to a ZE Transtainer by simply replacing the diesel generator with a hydrogen fuel cell power module , and plan to complete in-house testing of ZE Transtainer by March 2023.

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