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RONN, Inc. Agrees to Work With H2H to Integrate Their Patented Products Into Ronn Inc. Global Projects

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ– Ronn, Inc. Ronn Ford, the companies CEO, announced today that RONN Inc. and H2H, along with its various partners globally, will sign a LOI to integrate and commercialize H2H’s many hydrogen proprietary products, which include leading-edge proprietary hydrogen storage and hydrogen a/c systems. Additionally, as they become available, the agreement details will be updated.

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Azerbaijan Will Also Become a Reliable Green Hydrogen Supplier for EU, Says Energy Minister

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“Through the Caspian-Black Sea-Europe green energy corridor, Azerbaijan will also become a reliable green hydrogen supplier for the EU,” said Azerbaijan’s Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov as he addressed the Green Hydrogen Summit held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

Hexagon Composites to Start Search for New Group CEO

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Oslo–Hexagon Composites (OSE: HEX.OL) today announces that Jon Erik Engeset will step down as Group President and Chief Executive Officer. The Company will shortly commence a search process. Engeset will continue as CEO until the position is filled, following which he will continue to support the company in an advisory role.

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Schott Produces Optical Glass With 100 Percent Hydrogen

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  • Big step for climate-friendly special glass production
  • First glass made from exclusively hydrogen-heated melting tank
  • Lack of green hydrogen infrastructure delays industrial use

The next milestone on the path to climate-neutral production has been reached: After the technology group SCHOTT successfully tested glass production with 100 percent hydrogen on a laboratory scale last spring , the eagerly awaited use on an industrial scale has now followed.

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