Masdar and EGA form details

Masdar and EGA Will Explore the Joint Development of Renewable Energy Projects, With Potential Battery Storage and Green Hydrogen Production and Storage

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  • Collaboration will advance sustainable production of aluminium, one of UAE’s biggest exports
  • Masdar and EGA will explore international opportunities to power new aluminium production facilities with renewable energy
  • Aluminium plays a major role in the decarbonisation of many industries
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RONN, Inc. Agrees to Work With H2H to Integrate Their Patented Products Into Ronn Inc. Global Projects

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ– Ronn, Inc. Ronn Ford, the companies CEO, announced today that RONN Inc. and H2H, along with its various partners globally, will sign a LOI to integrate and commercialize H2H’s many hydrogen proprietary products, which include leading-edge proprietary hydrogen storage and hydrogen a/c systems. Additionally, as they become available, the agreement details will be updated.

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Azerbaijan Will Also Become a Reliable Green Hydrogen Supplier for EU, Says Energy Minister

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“Through the Caspian-Black Sea-Europe green energy corridor, Azerbaijan will also become a reliable green hydrogen supplier for the EU,” said Azerbaijan’s Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov as he addressed the Green Hydrogen Summit held in the capital of the United Arab Emirates as part of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week.

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