PARIS: INOE Orders Two Green Hydrogen Vehicles From Hyliko for Its Activity in IDF

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paris inoe orders two green hydrogen vehicles from hyliko for its activity in idf

INOE is committed to Hyliko in order to receive from 2025 two vehicles that run on green hydrogen, to ensure the collection and delivery of biomass in Île-de-France.

Hyliko, a hydrogen mobility platform for road freight transport, announces the signing of a letter of intent with INOE, the leading independent manufacturer of biomass wood energy fuel in Ile-de-France. From 2025, Hyliko will provide INOE with two trucks powered by green hydrogen produced by local biomass, itself collected by INOE in the Yvelines region, creating a virtuous circle for energy transition in Île-de-France .

A letter of intent signed by INOE for two Hyliko vehicles in 2025

INOE, a major player in the collection and manufacture of lignocellulosic biomass in Ile-de-France, turned to Hyliko to accelerate the decarbonization of its transport activities using green hydrogen. A letter of intent has been signed by INOE for the provision, from 2025, of two 44-ton hydrogen road tractors developed by Hyliko. These vehicles, equipped with a fuel cell, will enable INOE to carry out collection rounds and deliver the wood energy boiler rooms that the company supplies in the region, over which the Low Emission Zone of Greater Paris has extended since 2021 and limits the circulation of polluting vehicles. The company’s environmental impact will thus be reduced over nearly 110,000 kilometers each year, thanks to the use of virtuous energy,

The provision of the Hyliko vehicle as part of its complete offer which includes the following services:

  • The supply of a hydrogen vehicle,  adapted to the specific needs of the different entities of the INOE group. These vehicles will offer optimal performance, thanks to a range of nearly 450 km, a recharging time of less than 30 minutes and an uncompromising driving experience, allowing use unchanged from diesel vehicles.
  • Maintenance,  provided by Hyliko in the Paris region, guaranteeing regular monitoring and technical interventions for unrestricted use of the vehicles throughout the rental period.
  • The supply of green hydrogen fuel,  provided by Hyliko through its network of stations and that of its partners. In this context, vehicles will be able to get their supplies, on the Hyliko site in Villabé (91) less than 70 km away, and from 2025, in the heart of the LIGNO VALLEE where a green hydrogen production and distribution station will see the light of day.
  • Traceability of the carbon footprint  thanks to a system for monitoring and certifying avoided CO 2 emissions. Thanks to these hydrogen vehicles, nearly 341,000 tonnes of CO 2 emissions  will be avoided each year.

“  As Founder of INOE, I am proud to see our project taking shape to actively contribute to the energy transition of the Île-de-France region while we are directly involved in renewable energies by promoting all types of wood, whether from the forest, the landscape or recycling. The availability of these Hyliko vehicles demonstrates our commitment to becoming pioneers of zero-emission decarbonization in France and thus favoring entirely carbon-neutral energies today to support our trajectory of reducing CO 2 by 50% by 2027  .  confirms Eric Walme, Founder of INOE.

A virtuous circle for a sustainable energy future

INOE will be able to rely on its partners to promote its approach. Indeed, this collaboration is the realization of a three-way approach between Hyliko, INOE and Carbonloop, creating a virtuous circle of circular economy. INOE, as the leading independent manufacturer of wood energy biomass fuel in Île-de-France, will supply Carbonloop with the prepared wood needed for its production by biomass thermolysis. Carbonloop will then transform this renewable resource into hydrogen, which will be used by the vehicle made available to INOE via the network of Hyliko stations, as part of its contractualisation of the complete offer.

In this way, the three actors contribute to the creation of a French hydrogen sector with a positive impact, in particular within the framework of LIGNOVALLEE, the first center of excellence in wood in Ile-de-France. It brings together in the Yvelines several industries of the forest-wood sector in order to constitute a group of local actors committed to the sector, and to the low carbon transition of the territory.

“  The letter of intent signed by INOE for the provision of a Hyliko vehicle in 2025 demonstrates our commitment to offering zero-emission, sustainable mobility solutions and to accelerating the energy transition. We are proud to collaborate with INOE and Carbonloop to create a virtuous circle around green hydrogen, through the construction of the LIGNO VALLEE. – Ovarith Troeung, General Manager of Hyliko.

About Hyliko

Hyliko is the first hydrogen mobility platform for road freight transport. This offer includes the leasing and maintenance of hydrogen trucks, the supply of green hydrogen fuel, the management of the carbon footprint and the supply of carbon credits in the event of super-green hydrogen. Hyliko also offers personalized support and pay-as-you-go vehicles for rapid deployment and adapted to the needs of road freight transport professionals.
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About INOE

INOE is a major player in the field of wood recovery in Île-de-France. With its three interconnected areas of expertise (transport, logging, wood recovery platform), INOE covers the entire value chain, from logging to the various wood transformations, including recycling and the production of renewable energies. As an independent leader in Île-de-France, INOE currently recovers some 160,000 tonnes of woody material, thus providing the supply for more than 35 wood energy boilers in the Ile-de-France region.

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