Patriot Hydrogen Secures First Order to Supply Patriot “P2H” Units for Hydrogen and Power Production to Port Anthony Renewables

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Sydney, NSW: Patriot Hydrogen (proposed to be owned 20% by Prominence Energy (PRM: ASX) subject to PRM Shareholder Approval and Due Diligence by PRM) has locked in its first customer with the signing of a binding agreement to supply Port Anthony Renewables Limited with 2 Patriot P2H Hydrogen Unit

The Patriot Hydrogen “P2H” (Patriot to Hydrogen) Units will be located at Port Anthony, which is situated 180km South East of Melbourne, and supply green renewable hydrogen to the domestic and future international markets.

The Patriot Hydrogen “P2H” Units will have an initial production target of 1 tonne per day of hydrogen per unit – a total of 2 tonnes per day, with an anticipated scale-up in production within the next 3 years.

At an average cost price of $2.9M per unit excluding technology license fees, the P2H units are economically viable for businesses to enter the hydrogen production and energy revolution.

What is unique about the Patriot Hydrogen P2H unit is it will utilise waste and biomass to produce hydrogen and it is remote and movable.

Patriot Hydrogen P2H Units offer a decentralisation of hydrogen production, providing smaller hydrogen and power P2H production units rather than needing to build multi-billion-dollar major hydrogen production facilities

The new technology uses pyrolysis to convert waste materials into gas (hydrogen-rich gas orpyrolysis gas) and carbon biochar.

The gas can be used in a variety of ways including to fuel a thermal oxidiser for the production of steam, for heat or for combined heat and electricity, or to fuel internal combustion technology for the production of combined heat and electricity. The hydrogen-rich gas can be further processed to recover the hydrogen for domestic and export sales.

A secondary product from this process is biochar, which can be sold and used for various industrial or agricultural applications.

Patriot Hydrogen will produce liquid hydrogen for export and domestic markets and to fuel large vehicles, buses, boats, trains and cars, as well as biochar to supply domestic markets.

Massive demand for renewable hydrogen
Major economies around the world are rapidly shifting to renewable energy sources as they strive to meet their zero-emissions targets.

The growing demand for hydrogen in particular is evident with global oil majors like BP and Woodside announcing their hydrogen aspirations.

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency estimates the global demand for hydrogen exported from Australia could be over 3 million tonnes each year by 2040, which could be worth up to $10 billion annually to the economy by that time.

This makes it a major focus for Australia, with the CSIRO releasing a National Hydrogen Roadmap and the Australian government put in place its National Hydrogen Strategy

Source: Patriot Hydrogen


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