PetroChina’s First Large-Scale Hydrogen Project Starts

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Solar Wind Hydrogen

Recently, Qinghai Province released the “2024 Qinghai Province Key Project Development and Construction Plan for the Electric Power Industry”. The “Plan” includes a list of a series of key projects in Qinghai Province in 2024, including photovoltaic, wind power, hydropower, thermal power, and energy storage.

The plan shows that Qinghai Province will add 15 new energy storage projects in 2024, including the green electricity hydrogen production (hydrogen energy) supporting the 1 million kilowatt wind, solar, gas and hydrogen project of Sinopec Qinghai Oilfield.

This project is located in Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province. It is a supporting energy storage project for the 1 million kilowatt wind, solar, gas and hydrogen project of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield.

The project includes 300,000 kilowatts of gas power and 100,000 Nm3/h of hydrogen production through electrolysis of water. It is expected to be completed and put into production simultaneously with its new energy body in 2024.

If the hydrogen production capacity is 100,000 cubic meters per hour, the project can produce at least 70,000 tons of hydrogen per year. In terms of scale, this will be a large-scale green hydrogen project.

It is understood that the 1-million-kilowatt wind, solar, gas and hydrogen project of PetroChina Qinghai Oilfield has a wind power and photovoltaic installed capacity of 500,000 kilowatts respectively. It is also one of the third batch of large wind and solar bases in the country.

Currently, the photovoltaic part of the project has begun construction and is expected to be completed in June. The wind power part is carrying out preliminary design and survey and survey work. The gas and electricity part of the supporting energy storage project is also in the construction stage.

For oil fields, the construction of this project will strengthen the clean energy substitution of Qinghai Oilfield, help it build a green oil field, and accelerate the construction of a “source grid load storage” integrated smart microgrid of “Salt Lake Gas Field Photovoltaic + Energy Storage”.

Golmud stated that it will fully promote the 1-million-kilowatt wind and solar gas hydrogen project.

Qinghai Oilfield also stated that it will closely combine Golmud City’s resource advantages in developing clean energy with the development advantages of Qinghai Oilfield to strengthen exploration, refine development, refining, and expand new energy sources.

For PetroChina, this hydrogen energy project is an important step in the development of hydrogen energy and an important layout for gradually expanding its hydrogen energy industry.

Oil majors bet on hydrogen

In recent years, with the rapid development of new energy, the hydrogen energy industry has ushered in a wave of development opportunities. In particular, this year the hydrogen energy industry was included in the “Government Work Report” for the first time. This has also injected new development impetus into the development of the hydrogen energy industry.

With this, the hydrogen energy industry in various regions has ushered in a stage of accelerated development this year. In the hydrogen energy industry, although PetroChina is a traditional oil company, it is also accelerating its own hydrogen energy development plan.

To put it bluntly, PetroChina has already started to develop the hydrogen energy industry. In 2018, PetroChina signed an agreement with Zhangjiakou Haiper Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhangjiakou Transportation Construction Investment Co., Ltd. to lay out and build a hydrogenation station network in the Zhangjiakou area.

Subsequently, PetroChina established a specialized hydrogen energy company (Shanghai PetroChina Shenneng Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd.) and a hydrogen energy research institute.

Since then, PetroChina has continued to expand the hydrogen energy industry chain step by step, expanding its business to key links such as hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing.

In 2021, PetroChina announced a hydrogen energy guarantee plan for the Winter Olympics; in April 2022, the 5.77-kilometer hydrogen pipeline in Yumen Oilfield officially started construction; in May 2023, PetroChina’s first 1,200 standard cubic meter alkaline water hydrogen production electrolysis Groove Machinery officially rolled off the assembly line; in March 2024, PetroChina’s first large-scale renewable energy hydrogen production project hydrogen production unit was successfully put into operation in Yumen Oilfield, and the purity of the hydrogen produced reached 99.99%.

Now, PetroChina plans to build a large-scale green hydrogen project in Qinghai.

Aiming at hydrogen energy, continuously extending the hydrogen energy industry chain, and expanding the strength of hydrogen energy , this may be the overall hydrogen energy situation of PetroChina.


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