Petroma Inc. Successfully Produces Electricity Using Natural Hydrogen

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Village de Bourak%C3%A9bougou Electricit%C3%A9 %C3%A0 partir de lHydrog%C3%A8ne Naturel

Petroma Inc. is the first company to successfully produce electricity using Natural Hydrogen, without greenhouse gas emissions. The tests have been successfully completed and electricity is already supplying part of the village of Bourakébougou.

Unit%C3%A9 pilote de production de l%C3%A9lectricit%C3%A9 %C3%A0 partir de lhydrog%C3%A8ne naturel de Bourak%C3%A9bougou

Pilot unit for the production of electricity from the natural hydrogen of Bourakébougo

At a time when the world is experiencing its greatest ecological threat from global warming and a real headache for world leaders, natural hydrogen could be the economic and ecological solution of the future.

For many specialists, Natural Hydrogen is a source of flow energy and not stock, part of the great cycle of water, so inexhaustible and non-polluting.

As the energy mix is ​​the future of energy production, the company plans to produce electricity with solar and natural hydrogen, while trying to promote the production and export of natural hydrogen in the world.

development and operation of natural hydrogen and liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons.

Petroma Inc. holds a 100% interest in block 25, a block consolidated by the merger of two former blocks of oil and gas located in Mali, blocks 25 and 17.  Block 25 covers an area of ​​43,174 km².

Village de Bourak%C3%A9bougou Electricit%C3%A9 %C3%A0 partir de lHydrog%C3%A8ne Naturel

Village of Bourakébougou – Electricity from Natural Hydrogen

Petroma Inc. holds an operating license for gaseous hydrogen covering an area of ​​1264 km² within Block 25.

This is the first major discovery of natural hydrogen in the world, for which a first pilot unit was built to produce electricity with this natural hydrogen from a well in production, to electrify the village of Bourakébougou at Mali, without CO2 emissions.

Petroma, a Canadian research company headed by Malian businessman Aliou Boubacar Diallo, is producing electricity from natural hydrogen in a Malian village. It is the first such venture of its kind and is potentially, a game-changer for the planet. Were the Petroma pilot plant in Bourakébougou to be replicated on an industrial scale, it could guarantee Mali a clean, green source of electricity and even provide a surplus for export. What’s more, Petroma will have led the way to the future, one of pollution-free fuels and cheap electricity. The success of the Bourakébougou initiative has already given scientists reason to explore the promise of natural hydrogen as a viable alternative to fossil fuels.


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