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A pioneering spirit has always been part of GKN Powder Metallurgy’s DNA. So we are particularly proud that we have taken a giant step forward in the field of emission-free storage of green hydrogen. We are making an important contribution to driving forward the global energy transition.

Our GKN Hydrogen team has truly achieved something exceptional over the past eight years. They have succeeded in developing a range of products that brings the most reliable and safest hydrogen energy storage solution to the market, while still being 100% recyclable.


A breakthrough hydrogen storage system

A little background on our solution. GKN HY2 Energy Systems generate green hydrogen from renewable energy sources. This hydrogen is stored safely and compactly in metal hydrides and can be held for days, weeks, months, or even years without any loss of energy. When it is needed, the green hydrogen can then be used directly or converted back into electricity and heat.

  • The GKN HY2 Energy System requires 15 times less space compared to gaseous hydrogen storage systems when holding the same amount of energy at the same pressure.
  • It operates at a safe pressure of a maximum of 40 bars, where standard gaseous hydrogen storage systems operate at pressures up to 700 bar.
  • The modular system enables maximum versatility: from emergency power and off-grid energy supply to large residential, maritime, and large-scale industrial applications.

Tested in the field and proven in real-life conditions

With the pilot project “Knappenhaus”, GKN Hydrogen has already proven the success of the HY2 Energy System in a real-live long-term validation project. Since 2019, we’re operating the pilot project “Knappenhaus”, a self-sufficient residential house, as a long-term validation project.

This “proof of concept” project has just passed the ultimate stress test:

In the winter of 20/21, the Knappenhaus faced extreme weather conditions and the coldest winter in 20 years. It is located at over 1600m above sea level in the “Ahrntal Valley”, one of the snowiest areas in South Tyrol, Italy. But even with freezing temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius and a snow height of up to 1.50 meters, the GKN Hydrogen system reliably supplied the residents with electricity and heat throughout the winter:

Knapppenhaus Blog

In the meantime we’ve entered the beta phase and push forward the digital integration and scalability of our system by implementing further digitally connected demonstrators across our production plants worldwide:

Knapppenhaus Blog 1

Our demonstrator systems located in our production plants in Bruneck, Italy (left) and Bonn, Germany (right) are digitally connected with each other.

And finally, another highlight the hydrogen industry can look forward to will be the launch of our HY2MEGA system in a couple of months. It’s the largest metal hydride storage system with a capacity of up to 260 kg of hydrogen (~ 8,500 KWh).

Clean energy for future living

Under the new GKN Hydrogen brand, we offer safe, holistic clean energy systems that enable pioneers and innovators around the world to achieve their zero-emissions goals today and in the future. This makes GKN Hydrogen a key contributor to a decentralized, carbon-neutral energy supply infrastructure.


Source: GKN Hydrogen

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