PowerCell Sweden AB launches PowerCellution a New Brand for Products and Services

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PowerCell Sweden AB launches PowerCellution a new brand for products and services

PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) is now launching the brand PowerCellution for the sales and marketing of fuel cell-related products and services.The brand is launched to manifest the development towards becoming a supplier of systems and solutions, rather than of individual fuel cell stacks.

“Our future lies in utilizing our leading technical position to, in close collaboration with our customers, provide genuinely value creating applications and customer value. Our new brand PowerCellution captures the core of that endeavor and strengthens our opportunities for commercial success,” says Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB

Until now, PowerCell Sweden AB has marketed all fuel cell products, stacks as well as systems and services, under the PowerCell brand. The constantly rising attention to climate and environmental issues has led to a sharp increase in interest in fuel cell-based hydrogen-electric solutions. Fuel cells that run on green hydrogen, i.e., hydrogen produced from renewable energy sources, can generate completely sustainable energy without any harmful emissions.

“The interest in our technology has risen dramatically in recent years during which time we have also seen a clear shift in customer demand – from individual fuel cell stacks to more complete and system-based solutions. This has shaped how we now are developing our customer offering, and to better reflect that change, we are launching the new PowerCellution brand,” says Andreas Bodén, Director Sales and Marketing at PowerCell Sweden AB.

The PowerCellution brand is fully owned by PowerCell Sweden AB and will be used for product offerings within fuel cell systems and fuel cell stacks, but also for current and future service offerings. In order to secure and establish the brand, and thereby strengthen the company’s sales and marketing efforts, the brand is trademarked in the vast majority of key markets worldwide. In parallel with the work to register the brand name, the company has also registered and protected the graphic symbol, the stylized leaf, that will be used together with PowerCellution name.

“The way the name is put together this new brand shows a clear connection both to PowerCell Sweden AB, but also to the word “solutions”. PowerCell Sweden AB is now entering a phase where we intend to take every advantage of the great commercial opportunities in fuel cell-based energy solutions. The launch of PowerCellution is a central part of this work,” says Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell Sweden AB.

As the new brand is launched, the model designations for various products will also be revised. Under the new PowerCellution brand, PowerCell Sweden AB will launch new designations for both individual fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems during the coming year.

About PowerCell Sweden AB (publ)

PowerCell Sweden AB (publ) develops and produces fuel cell stacks and systems for stationary and mobile applications with a world class energy density. The fuel cells are powered by hydrogen, pure or reformed, and produce electricity and heat with no emissions other than water. As the stacks and systems are compact, modular and scalable, they are easily adjusted to any customer need.

PowerCell was founded in 2008 as an industrial spinout from the Volvo Group. The share (PCELL) is since 2014 subject to trade at Nasdaq First North Growth Market, Stockholm.


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