PowerUP Energy Unveils its Portable Fuel Cell Generator

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Fuel Cells Works, PowerUP Energy Unveils its Portable Fuel Cell Generator

PowerUP Energy Technologies in Estonia officially announced the release of the UP400 its latest plug and play portable generator.With its one button the UP400 to require as little maintenance as possible and with an interface that anyone could use.

The simple design makes it so that it can be carried anywhere and use it as a stand-alone power source in the night or day.

The UP400 integrates fuel cells with pioneering battery technologies to make the generator smart.

Output voltage 12 V DC
Max continuous charging current at 12 V 34 A
Max continuous power output 400 W
Max charging power per day 800 A h
Electricity source PEM fuel cell
Fuel Compressed hydrogen
Fuel consumption (at 400 W) 5.2 l/min
Batteries 13.2 V | 2.5 A h | LiFePO4
Size (L × W × H) 590 × 200 × 390 mm
Weight 10 kg
Operating temperature −20 °C to +50 °C
Outlet and inlet ports
Main outlet port Max 32 A
External outlet port options USB, high current port
Inlet port for external charging Max 5 A

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About PowerUP Energy

PowerUp provides clean and portable energy by delivering a hydrogen fuel cell backup generator solution, which can be used for various technologies – yachts, boats, recreational vehicles and many more.

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