Protium and ZeroAvia to Collaborate and Support the Development of Green Hydrogen Aviation in the UK

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ZeroAvia Protium

• Collaboration brings together specialist aviation and green energy leaders to revolutionise emission-free flights
• Protium to support the development of 100% green hydrogen aviation infrastructure for ZeroAvia in the UK
• Landmark milestone for Protium whose expertise enables ZeroAvia to continue innovating in sustainable aviation

Protium, the UK-based green hydrogen project developer, has signed a Heads of Terms with ZeroAvia, the UK and US-based innovator and leader in decarbonising commercial aviation. The agreement will see Protium working closely to develop and expand UK green hydrogen infrastructure for aviation, to support the development of Zero Avia’s pioneering technology.

The collaboration brings together two specialist leaders in the space by combining the future of aviation with green hydrogen as an energy alternative – revolutionising the future of aviation while simultaneously working towards achieving net zero.

The Heads of Terms signing highlights Protium’s deep understanding of the broader green hydrogen landscape, as well as their expanding project expertise across the green hydrogen mobility space. Additionally, it also solidifies their position as the go-to hydrogen project developer who, longer term, will develop, design and eventually own and operate green hydrogen infrastructure across UK airports to support decarbonised flight across the UK.

The agreement demonstrates that the UK aviation sector can recover its positive growth trajectory and become 100% renewable via the deployment of green hydrogen, while also signifying that green hydrogen infrastructure can be provided by multiple companies, not just solely incumbent operators.

This announcement comes shortly after ZeroAvia’s first successful zero emission flight was piloted at Cranfield in Bedfordshire last week, with a six-seater aircraft taking flight across the skies of Southern England. The use of hydrogen was key in this flight, with the craft solely using hydrogen and atmospheric oxygen in a fuel cell system to create electricity and propel the craft through the skies, whilst only emitting water vapour. ZeroAvia’s flight milestone is a significant step towards making zero emissions passenger flights a reality in the years to come.

With a legal imperative to achieve net zero by 2050, many aviation experts are turning to alternative solutions and energy innovators to help secure the sector’s long-term growth – the ‘third aviation revolution’ has been coined with this notion in mind, focusing on the transition from heavier-than-air-flights to transatlantic flights and now, electric flights.

The collaboration represents a landmark milestone for Protium, whose technical acumen and project expertise enables ZeroAvia to continue revolutionising and commercialising the green aviation market.

Commenting on the news, Chris Jackson, CEO of Protium, said: “We are extremely pleased to be working with ZeroAvia, the pioneers of decarbonisation in aviation, and look forward to providing them with 100% renewable ‘green’ hydrogen for the future of zero emission flights.”

Val Mifthakov, CEO of ZeroAvia, said: “We are delighted that Protium will work with us on tackling one of the biggest challenges for the widespread use of hydrogen in aviation: cheap and green hydrogen availability at airports.”

About Protium

Protium is a UK focused green hydrogen and fuel cell project developer, that works with industrial, manufacturing and public sector authorities in the UK to decarbonise energy in the hardest-to-abate sectors, notably industrial heat and heavy goods vehicles (HGVs). To do this, Protium originates, designs, develops, builds, finances, owns and operates green hydrogen and renewable energy infrastructure assets, which it provides to clients as a service under long term offtake agreements, a structure called a HESCO (Hydrogen Energy Services Company).
The business is based in London, with partners across the United Kingdom. Protium is a proud member of UK HFCA, HyCymru and SHFCA, and the business is working closely with companies across the green hydrogen and fuel cell eco-system to support the transition to Net Zero.

About ZeroAvia

ZeroAvia is producing the world’s first practical zero emission aviation powertrain, initially targeting 20-seat airplanes to start replacing dirty jet fuel.



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