Protium Working with CambridgeHOK to Transform UK Horticulture Sector Through Hydrogen Energy Solutions

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  • Two specialist UK-based energy companies join forces to deliver decarbonisation solutions to UK horticulture sector
  • Collaboration aims to create new opportunities in the vertical farming and horticultural space, addressing the imminent scarcity of arable land imposed by population growth
  • Protium to be responsible for engaging with government funding schemes and the connection of viable vertical farming prospects

Protium, the UK-based green hydrogen project developer, is proud to announce its collaboration with CambridgeHOK, the UK’s most advanced horticultural engineering and construction company.

With global population on the rise, the UK agricultural sector has innovatively responded to scarcity demands through the development of vertical farming, a mechanism designed to ease food production pressures and reduce the burden of distribution deficits. Ensuring this can be done in the most sustainable energy approach possible is therefore a crucial challenge, given increasing consumer and investor expectations.

Founded in 1955, CambridgeHOK specialises in vertical farming, glass houses and energy for some of the biggest names in UK horticulture. The Head of Terms will serve as an opportunity to supply UK-based horticultural companies with green hydrogen energy solutions, with Protium and CambridgeHOK working together to accelerate the decarbonisation of the horticultural sector in the UK.

The signing demonstrates Protium’s project velocity and broad sector breadth, with the Heads of Terms representing its emergence into the horticultural space – a landscape with exceedingly high demand for green energy solutions, as well as an appetite for innovative technology.

The collaboration will see Protium supporting its horticultural clients in the implementation and optimisation of zero emission solutions, notably green hydrogen, through the development of clean energy projects with CambridgeHOK under their HESCO model.

Like many other sectors, there is a long path ahead for the horticultural space and its journey to net zero. However, this collaboration showcases the industry’s commitment to revolutionising how businesses operate, thus creating an innovative, more sustainable future for the UK economy.

Founder, CEO and Director of Protium, Chris Jackson, comments: “The UK horticultural space is experiencing rapid technological change and has a significant appetite for green energy solutions, so we are thrilled to be collaborating with such an established player in the space. By working together to combine our expertise, we believe this collaboration will help to advance the UK horticultural sector in its pursuit in achieving the UK Governments’ 2050 net zero target.”

Charlotte Penn, Energy Business Development Manager at CambridgeHOK, says: “We are delighted to be forging a new partnership with Protium which will explore green hydrogen solutions for horticulture in the UK. Horticulture is a very energy intensive industry and therefore finding economically viable energy solutions for our clients could have a huge impact on their margins. It is an added bonus that this can now be linked with decarbonisation.”

About Protium

Protium is a UK-based hydrogen solutions provider for project operators, developers and investors. Founded in 2019, the company provides services including project origination, design and funding to support the deployment of hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

About CambridgeHOK

CambridgeHOK is a forward-thinking engineering, energy and construction company specialising in the design and development of automated vertical farming centres and commercial glasshouses.


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