Québec Green Hydrogen Strategy: The Government of Québec Allocates $15 Million to Support the Development of the Green Hydrogen Sector

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QUÉBEC–The Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister responsible for the Côte-Nord region, Mr. Jonatan Julien , and the Minister of the Environment and the Fight against against climate change and Minister responsible for the Laval region, Mr. Benoit Charette, today confirmed that a sum of $ 15 million will be devoted to the development of the green hydrogen sector. 

This envelope will be used to support technological demonstration projects, particularly in the industrial and heavy transport sectors.

As part of the Plan for a Green Economy 2030, unveiled on November 16, 2020, the Government of Quebec announced its intention to allocate $ 15 million to support innovation projects in this area. This initiative thus becomes the first concrete action linked to the Québec strategy for green hydrogen and bioenergy, which will be developed by fall 2021.

Green hydrogen is produced by electrolysis of water from renewable electricity. The manufacturing process then emits no greenhouse gases. More specifically, green hydrogen can be used as a renewable raw material to replace hydrogen from fossil sources in traditional industrial processes (steel production, petroleum refining and ammonia production) as well as in biofuel production processes. or synthetic fuels. In the intensive and heavy transport sector, it can serve as an energy carrier that can be converted back into electricity in fuel cell electric vehicles.

Jonatan Julien , Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Minister responsible for the Côte-Nord region: “Quebec has several strengths to become a key player in the production and use of green hydrogen, thanks in particular to its large capacity for producing renewable energy. We must seize this opportunity to develop the required expertise, integrate this new form of energy into our energy ecosystem and thus position ourselves advantageously in the international green hydrogen sector. The transition to a more low-carbon economy necessarily involves the transition to renewable energies such as green hydrogen. ”

Benoit Charette , Minister of the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change and Minister responsible for the Laval region: “In addition to being an additional lever to reach Quebec’s targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, green hydrogen will also contribute to Quebec’s economic development. In our recently launched Green Economy Plan, we want to propel the most promising green sectors. This clean energy source offers an attractive alternative when direct electrification is unlikely or not possible. It therefore represents a great opportunity to make our economy greener and more resilient. ”


  • Companies or organizations wishing to submit a request for support for an innovative green hydrogen project can consult the Technoclimat program website to find out all the terms and conditions associated with this program. Maximum financial assistance can currently reach $ 3M per project.
  • The goal of the Technoclimat program is to encourage the development in Quebec of technological innovations in energy efficiency, renewable energies, bioenergy and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by offering financial support to project promoters who wish to demonstrate the potential of technological innovation.
  • Strong support for energy innovation is one of the six orientations adopted in the government’s master plan to make Québec’s energy transition a reality.
  • An overview of hydrogen and its potential in Quebec is available in the Expertises section of the government website Energy Transition: .

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