Quick Recap of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell News from China

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China Hydrogen
  • Sui Hengyun Forms New Hydrogen Company

Sui Hengyun Announced on the evening of June 9 that the company participated in the establishment of Guangzhou Xiongyi Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. with its own capital of 22 million yuan. Sui Hengyun will hold a 27.5% equity stake in the new company

The new company will produce hydrogen fuel cell stacks and engine systems; the partner of the company will be Shenzhen Hydrogen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiongyi

Hydrogen on the rise in Jiading

A new hydrogen energy vehicle industrial zone, Jiading Hydrogen Park, was set up in Anting Town in Jiading District on Monday.

The district has preferential policies to attract hydrogen energy research institutes as well as companies, offering up to 10 million yuan (US$1.44 million) for R&D or manufacturing bases.

Jiading is well-known for its automobile industry. Last year, 72.9 percent of the district’s output came from the car business. Lu Fangzhou, director of the district, said GDP generated by the hydrogen vehicle industry is expected to reach 50 billion yuan by 2025.

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Chinese Cokemaker Meijin Plans USD1.5 Billion Hydrogen Vehicle Industry Park

Meijin Energy, a Chinese cokemaker transitioning into a new energy company, plans to build a CNY10 billion (USD1.5 billion) industrial park for hydrogen-fueled vehicles in Zhejiang.

The Shanxi province-based firm and the Jiaxing Xiuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee penned a framework agreement for the project over the weekend, Meijin said in a statement yesterday. The park will be based in the city of Jiaxing, about 100 kilometers from the center of Shanghai, and benefit from government incentives such as land, equipment subsidies and tax breaks granted by the committee.

Meijin has more coal resources than any other company in China, and the coking process generates hydrogen-rich gas as a by-product. Meijin and its competitors in coal-rich Shanxi have a combined annual coking capacity that could produce enough hydrogen to fuel 10,000 fuel cell trucks, the company once said.

It began shifting toward the hydrogen energy sector several years ago and now has control of Foshan-based Feichi Automobile Manufacturing, South China’s leading producer of hydrogen-fueled buses. The firm also teamed up with an energy investment company in Guangdong province last year to form a venture capital arm focused on the hydrogen sector.

The new industrial park will span 1.3 square kilometers and Meijin hopes to lure in leading hydrogen energy firms of various types to settle there. Companies building hydrogen cars, charging stations and storage equipment are all targets.

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