Raven SR Completes Third Party Engineering Review and Selects Process for Final Engineering and Design

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RAVEN SR Completes Third Party Engineering Review Selects Plant Process For Final Engineering Design
  • “Raven SR is on track to commence production and sale of renewable hydrogen from its first production facility in the San Francisco Bay area in 2021,”

PINEDALE, WYRaven SR announced today the completion of a third-party engineering review with Lee Enterprises Consulting, a bioeconomy consulting group. The engineering review validated Raven SR’s patented Steam/CO2 Reformation process, strongly supporting its effectiveness of converting carbonaceous waste into a hydrogen-rich syngas. Lee Enterprises’ review is a precursor to the final design and fabrication of Raven SR’s first commercial system in northern California, converting 50 tons per day of mixed MSW into renewable hydrogen for the transportation market. The review demonstrated that risks typical of other technologies were greatly reduced or eliminated with Raven SR’s process.

“We are delighted with the outcome of Lee Enterprises’ report,” said Matt Murdock, Raven SR founder and CEO. “The goal of our patented technology is to convert mixed waste into useful fuels in the most efficient and clean manner possible, and this third-party report confirms what we’ve worked so hard towards. Lee Enterprises’ experts were able to sift through years of data to hone in on key issues and demonstrate the efficiencies of our process, some, in ways we had not ourselves fully appreciated.  Not only has their validation enabled us to more succinctly and thoroughly answer questions, it has greatly aided us to now move into final design and engineering.”

With the report complete, Raven SR has selected Plant Process Group, LLC in League City, Texas to complete the final engineering and design of “Raven One.” This first commercial system will produce up to 5,000 kgs/day of renewable hydrogen from mixed municipal solid waste, with a negative Carbon Intensity (CI) generating excellent LCFS credits.  Among its many qualifications, Plant Process specializes in modular refineries for the chemical and petroleum industries. Upon completion of this design, Raven SR will tender fabrication of its first project with the intent to be operational before the end of 2021.

“Raven SR is on track to commence production and sale of renewable hydrogen from its first production facility in the San Francisco Bay area in 2021,” said Murdock.  “We are very close to bringing to reality a non-combustion process that will convert MSW into renewable hydrogen and synthetic Fischer Tropsch fuels, solving two problems at once.  We are strengthening our strategic partnerships within the biofuels industry with end-users committing to purchase our fuel and expanding the hydrogen infrastructure, as well as exploring partnerships with waste sources to expand our raw materials base.”

About Raven SR, LLC: Raven SR renewable fuels company transforms biomass, municipal solid waste, bio-solids, industrial waste, sewage waste, medical waste, and natural gas into renewable energy products such as hydrogen, sulfur and nitrogen-free Fischer-Tropsch liquid fuels (diesel, Jet A, mil-spec JP-8), additives and solvents (acetone, butanol, naphtha, etc.) and electricity (via fuel cells or turbines and/or CAT syngas engines).

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