Raven SR: in the Low Carbon Intensity Hydrogen Fast Lane

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Montreal, Canada 11.30.2021 – Today Fuel Cells Works attended Raven SR’s launch event in Benicia, California for its purchase of Benicia Fabrication & Machine Inc (BFM).  Raven SR is already set to become the leader in low carbon intensity hydrogen production in the U.S. with the two facilities it is currently working on building in California, and the purchase of BFM ensures Raven SR will have a majority of the resources it needs to build the equipment at each site it constructs.

Moreover, with BFM located in northern California it will enable higher levels of efficiency in constructing facilities in California, which in the near-term is going to be Raven SR’s largest market for hydrogen production.  BFM will now transition from being its own company to being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raven SR. Carmelo Santiago who was the CEO of BFM will remain with BFM as its president and he will also become the vice president of manufacturing at Raven SR.

The event was attended by Steve Young who is the Mayor of Benicia who spoke briefly at the event as well as by several other members of local government.  In addition to local government officials Julia Levin who is the executive director of Bioenergy Association of California also attended the event as well as other professionals. Fuel Cells Works was the only member of the hydrogen and fuel cell media that attended the affair.

Matt Murdock, Raven SR’s CEO, was busy from the beginning to the end of the event introducing himself and his team to the new Raven members from the BFM staff.  It is Matt’s ability to be genuine as well as his affable personality that will undoubtedly make the transition smooth as well as help the new Raven members to continue to be successful. During his speech at the event Matt also shared some of his family history with everyone, which illustrates well how personal helping to achieving a zero emissions global economy is for him.

Today’s announcement and event was perhaps even more important considering the concern that exists that a transition to fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and other zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) will create mass layoffs. Such a concern has been voiced by large unions like the United Auto Workers and others, but Raven SR’s purchase of BFM creates a perfect example of how companies that may have specialized talents can repurpose them to remain vital to a healthy economy.

Another part of the concern simply beyond retaining jobs in any given industry is the ability of retaining jobs within the same country. However, Raven SR’s acquisition of BFM also continues to demonstrate that the hydrogen and fuel cell industry in the U.S. is going to be creating new jobs as well as helping to maintain many current positions with a little retooling.

With the hydrogen and fuel cell industry people everywhere will hopefully be able to clearly see that what is good for business and what is good for the environment are one and the same.

Perhaps the most amazing part of today is how much better the future looks with each passing month.  Towards the beginning of this year Raven SR joined Hyzon’s Zero Carbon Alliance, a few months later it closed on its Series A funding round, then it began work on its sites in California, and even with all of that Raven SR is still just getting started.  JuliAnne Thomas, who is its director of communications and government relations, mentioned to this correspondent today that she has been getting inquiries from around the world from organizations that are eager to host its next hydrogen production site. With such an encouraging beginning it is easy to see Raven SR quickly achieving and maintaining a leadership position in the U.S., and perhaps globally, as the premier low carbon intensity hydrogen production firm.


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