RedNOx Signs MOU With One of the World’s Largest Manufacturers of Hydrogen, Diesel, and Natural Gas Engines

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RedNOx also Secures a Purchase Order from Cummins Inc. for Next-Generation NOx Sensors.

FREMONT, Calif– RedNOx Inc. (“RedNOx”) is proud to announce a significant step in its collaboration with Cummins Inc. The Fremont, CA-based sensor start-up has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the development and commercialization of highly sensitive (parts-per-billion) NO sensors tailored for heavy-duty engine production. Cummins’ engines are used in a wide range of applications, from trucks and buses to industrial and marine purposes. RedNOx’s NOx sensors are specifically engineered to be less susceptible to interference by ammonia, an issue prevalent with current on-market NOx sensors.

Dr. Solomon Ssenyange, CEO of RedNOx, commented, “We’re at the forefront of NOx detection technology. This collaboration and the subsequent purchase order from Cummins Inc. for our NOx sensor used in exhaust gas monitoring and control are testaments to the innovation and reliability of our products.”

The MOU expands upon Cummins’ initial evaluation of RedNOx’s NOx sensor technology and their trust in its performance based on benchtop-gas tests. This agreement sets the stage for deeper collaboration between both companies. If technical and business talks go well, Cummins and RedNOx aim to integrate RedNOx’s advanced sensors into various products within Cummins family of products.

“This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a global market leader,” added Dr. Ssenyange. “While we have several milestones to achieve until we reach a product launch, this MOU demonstrates a meaningful step forward on both sides,” added Dr. Ssenyange.

About RedNOx

Located in Fremont, CA, RedNOx Inc. is a leading sensor start-up dedicated to creating advanced sensing solutions for various applications. The company’s flagship NOx sensor is recognized for its high sensitivity and resistance to ammonia interference, making it a top choice for heavy-duty and marine engines. As RedNOx continues its journey, the company is committed to shaping the future of emission monitoring and control. For more information, visit and connect with us on LinkedIn.


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