REELCAUSE Green Hydrogen Energy, Advanced Renewable Energy

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Fuel cells works, REELCAUSE Green Hydrogen Energy, Advanced Renewable Energy

LAS VEGAS, NV / REELCAUSE CORP (OTC PINK:RCIT) has developed eco-friendly new and renewable energy technology that produces green hydrogen energy using water electrolysis through a combination of small wind power generation based on hydrogen production technology.

This is the basic science technology of the former Soviet Union. It is said that it is trying to enter the global market through a hydrogen vehicle charging business and a zero-energy building based on a combined hydrogen heat generation power plant.

REELCAUSE is a complementary and sustainable business structure of eco-friendly wind power technology development and eco-friendly hydrogen technology development that can reduce greenhouse gases, which are the main culprit of global warming, based on non-depleted and eco-green hydrogen energy. In order to secure competitiveness to become a major global new and renewable energy company by building and expanding R&D divisions in Russia and the US, the 2021 Korea-Russia hydrogen strategy establishment conference was held on May 13, 2021, with Korea REELCAUSE, HYPOWER LAB Russia, NP energy, IPCP OF RAS, Ministry of digital and technological development of the sakhalin region.

Like HYPOWER LAB, REELCAUSE aims to build a green hydrogen ecosystem under the goal of a 21C renewable energy innovative company by reinforcing global market leadership and technological capabilities based on eco-friendly expertise of green hydrogen. The system has been established and the global network technology security management system has been operated, and through these efforts, it is said that it will grow into a “new and renewable energy company” that protects the global environment.


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