Renewable Hydrogen Coalition Urges Immediate Action from EU Policymakers

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With the European elections looming in less than two months, the Renewable Hydrogen Coalition (RHC) has delivered a manifesto to European policymakers, emphasizing the critical need to expedite the adoption of renewable hydrogen technologies. This call to action is aimed at incoming officials who will shape the Parliament for the next five years, with a focus on strengthening Europe’s security, economic resilience, and industrial competitiveness through enhanced use of renewable resources and hydrogen energy.

The manifesto delineates a series of strategic priorities necessary to harness the potential of renewable hydrogen effectively:

  1. Legislative and Financial Support: The coalition urges a comprehensive integration of renewable hydrogen within all pertinent legislative and funding frameworks to ensure consistent and supportive policies.
  2. Scaling up through EU Funding: There is a call to mobilize substantial EU funding to significantly enhance the production and utilization capacities of renewable hydrogen, supporting a green transition.
  3. Strengthening Industrial Leadership: Adoption of a robust European industrial policy is crucial for securing a leadership position globally in electrolyser technology, which is essential for hydrogen production.
  4. Setting Ambitious Targets: The coalition advocates for the establishment of ambitious, binding targets for the year 2040 to ensure a massive deployment of renewable hydrogen, aiding in the achievement of the 2030 climate goals.
  5. Infrastructure Development: Finally, the development of tailored hydrogen infrastructure is emphasized to facilitate the seamless integration of renewable hydrogen into Europe’s energy systems.

This manifesto is a clarion call for immediate and decisive action that could position the EU at the forefront of renewable hydrogen innovation and use, promoting sustainable industrial growth and environmental stewardship. To learn more about the specific recommendations and the full content of the manifesto, interested parties can access the document here.


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