Rep. Panetta Introduces Bipartisan Legislation to Further Clean Energy Fuel Cell and Linear Generator Expansion

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Monterey, CA – United States Representative Jimmy Panetta (CA-19) introduced the Technologies for Energy Security Act to extend the Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) investment tax credit (ITC) for fuel cells and linear generators by another eight years.  This bipartisan legislation was introduced with Reps. Claudia Tenney (NY-24) and John B. Larson (CT-01).  Through the IRA’s historic investments to tackle the impact of climate change, fuel cells and linear generators are eligible for up to a 30 percent tax credit.  Currently, the tax credits are set to expire in 2025.

Fuel cells and linear generators provide low-emission, decentralized energy and increased resiliency for communities.  Fuel cells and linear generators are critical for maintaining power during emergencies, especially in California which is facing the increasing threat of blackouts and public safety power shutoffs.  While many other low-carbon energy technologies are dependent on Chinese manufacturing and supply chain components, these innovative technologies are primarily manufactured in the United States. Rep. Panetta previously passed provisions of his legislation, the Clean Energy Parity Act, into law to ensure linear generators are eligible for the same tax credits as fuel cells.

“Although we are making progress by providing incentives for clean energy and clean transportation through the IRA, the development and deployment of innovative technologies like fuel cells and linear generators takes some time,” said Rep. Panetta.  “This bipartisan legislation would allow for more of that time by extending those incentives and ensuring continued federal investment in our domestic innovation to substantially reduce our carbon output.  I continue to be proud to be a part of this effort to not only provide these types of tax incentives, but also provide them for the proper amount of time necessary for people to reasonably invest in our country’s innovation for a more resilient and sustainable future.”

““Fuell cells are going to play a critical role in America’s green energy future, and Connecticut has been a global leader in the development of clean hydrogen and fuel cell technologies,” said Rep. Larson (CT-01). “The bipartisan Technology for Energy Security Act will ensure the fuel cell industry has the certainty it needs to continue to grow as a clean, reliable, and affordable energy source.”

Rep. Panetta and Tenney also recently introducedthe Making Imperiled Communities Resistant to Outages with Generation that is Resilient, Islandable, and Distributed (MICROGRID) Extension Actto extendIRA tax credits for microgrid controllers to 2033.



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