Ridderkerks Kraanwagenbedrijf Develops Hydrogen Ready Crane

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November 25, 2020 |

Ridderkerks Kraanwagenbedrijf Develops Hydrogen Ready Crane

RKB has developed the very first tower crane that runs on hydrogen.

The company released a video on the crane and at this time the converted crane has a separate hydrogen-powered generator that supplies the power. This now only concerns power for the overhead crane; the rest of the machine does not yet run on hydrogen, but it is electric.

“Another job successfully is done by our zero-emission crane. We hope to run on hydrogen this year! ”

“We at RKB strive to keep our planet as clean as possible and therefore, in collaboration with the new innovative electrification company ECS Holland, we have developed a system to convert faucets, so that work can be carried out CO2 neutral.”


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