RIX Industries and Element 1 Corp Partner for on-Demand Hydrogen Generators Enabling Clean Energy in Infrastructure Applications

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  • Hydrogen-on-demand fuels grid independence as primary and backup power for utility and telecom facilities, electric vehicle charging, data center operations, and emergency service center

Benicia, CALIF — RIX Industries, a leading developer of gas generation systems and energy technologies, today announced it has expanded its license for proprietary methanol-based hydrogen generator technology from Element 1 Corp (e1) to include stationary applications. Under the terms of the expanded license agreement, RIX has been granted rights across North America and Europe to manufacture and deploy e1’s S-series hydrogen generators to fuel primary and backup power in stationary infrastructure applications.

As critical infrastructure operations demand stable, sustainable power, hydrogen on-demand offers an advantage in achieving sustainability goals, as well as grid independence and off-grid reliability. Hydrogen-on-demand systems are inherently optimized for critical environments such as utility and telecom facilities, electric vehicle charging, data center operations, and safety systems and emergency service centers in geographic regions that face natural instability.

“The ongoing climate crisis, in addition to recent geopolitical events, has put the spotlight firmly on energy independence and the need for secure, clean power systems. RIX Industries remains focused on evolving this clean energy future and bringing e1’s class-leading technology to infrastructure applications,” said Bryan Reid, Chief Sales Officer at RIX. “Regulatory mandates combined with corporate sustainability initiatives are driving a massive migration to non-polluting power systems, many of which utilize hydrogen fuel cells. Reduced emissions are a rising global priority, and significant progress toward net zero can be achieved today. The challenges of hydrogen storage and management are readily solved by incorporating on-demand hydrogen generation into clean power solutions.”

By combining this highly efficient (>80%) methanol-to-hydrogen generator technology with PEM fuel cells, these self-contained units support highly scalable power demands. Multiple systems can be combined, effectively handling MW applications while ensuring high energy efficiency and reducing the heavy and complex footprint of pure hydrogen storage.

“e1 sees great value in broadening our relationship with RIX. The on-demand hydrogen generation technology being licensed to RIX is unique to e1 and is highly enabling to the mass commercialization of clean power systems for the widest spectrum of mission-critical applications,” said Dr. Dave Edlund, CEO and co-founder of e1. “RIX has already made strong advancements in the decarbonization of mobility markets such as global shipping – together, we are offering infrastructure operators an immediate and proven path to zero emissions and a cleaner future.”

RIX has been a licensed manufacturer of e1’s M-Series mobile hydrogen generators since 2020 and a licensee of e1 Marine since its founding in 2021. The company’s mobile methanol-to-hydrogen generation systems will be deployed on the MV Hydrogen One, the world’s first methanol/hydrogen fuel cell-powered towboat.

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About RIX Industries

Serving critical infrastructure markets, RIX Industries is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of gas generation systems, precision compression solutions, and cryogenic cooling technologies. RIX innovation solves challenges in mission-critical applications including marine, aerospace, land, energy, industrial, and medical. Company expertise extends to newer technologies focused on the future, including its latest commitment to pioneering hydrogen-on-demand systems for infrastructure and mobility initiatives worldwide. Founded in 1878, the company is headquartered in Benicia, California, and operates additional facilities in Sparks, Nevada (Production) and Rockville, California (Innovation Center). For more information, visit RIX Industries or call 707.747.5900.


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