SerEnergy To Offer Biomethanol In Its Fuel Cells

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Fuel Cells Works, SerEnergy To Offer Biomethanol In Its Fuel Cells

A shipment of 20 tons biomethanol arrived at SerEnergy’s site in Aalborg. This marks the beginning of a new era in which SerEnergy will be able to use this green methanol option in the company’s production, qualification tests and product portfolio for global customers.

The shipment was delivered by Nordic Green and will be the first of many, since SerEnergy expects biomethanol to be a permanent addition to its portfolio alongside its current methanol options.

SerEnergy fuel cells, which constitute a clean power technology, are fueled by methanol – now with the option of green methanol. When fueled on green methanol, SerEnergy solutions dramatically cut CO2 emissions. There are different paths to obtaining this green methanol, of which biomethanol represents a very feasible alternative, as it is a highly favorable option for fuel cells due to its ready availability, high specific energy, and storage transportation convenience.

“Having biomethanol in our portfolio is a major step towards realizing the SerEnergy vision”, states R&D Director at SerEnergy, Morten Hougaard Sørensen. “Biomethanol in fuel cells from SerEnergy is no longer the future, but as of today reality, and we are happy to have it available on our Aalborg site, both for qualification tests, production and ready for sale to our global customers”, he concludes.

“At Nordic Green, we are proud to step in as SerEnergy’s first supplier of biomethanol. We see many possibilities in biomethanol for fuel cells, but also for other industries. Over the last decades, methanol has been adopted as a fuel in a variety of application areas and we experience a market in significant growth both in terms of supply and demand. Biomethanol is a significant choice and means towards releasing global goals of reductions in CO2 emissions”, states Bo Gleerup, CEO and Co-Founder of Nordic Green.

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